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  1. Probably the last picture from this year's beast from the east! Still falling lightly ❄❄❄❄☃
  2. Looking at the radar, it is starting to finally fizzle out around the whole region.
  3. Indeed! What a spell of wonderful weather. Waited 8 years since 2010 for a good snowy spell. Next winter hopefully more fun and games and now just waiting for the thunderstorm season ;-)
  4. Is that a small low pressure system rotating in the channel? Where the hell did that come from?
  5. Everything white again, even the roads, in Ipswich. Been coming down very lightly since like 3 pm.
  6. Too much info ! Just looked out the window and still no snow. Radar saying yes lol.
  7. Anyone think that eastern extent will make inroad all the way to Norfolk, or die out before?
  8. Really strange. I wasn't expecting anything today down here in Ipswich but it's been non stop all morning.... weird.
  9. Been snowing lightly but non stop for 2 hours arround Ipswich. Snow drifting and non stop light snow are slighly covering the roads again.
  10. OMG the MAD thread is going nuts, looks like the ECM is giving us a surprise. Just one run BUT who knows! It would be amazing to verify and give us ALL a load more snow for the weekend!
  11. Look out the window in like 30 mins. A huge blob just passed Ipswich and is gaining strength, heading right to Cambridge.
  12. Finally some proper snowfall in Ipswich. Almost didn't make it up bishops hill this morning.
  13. Good, need more cloud cover. In 20 minutes under the sun everything is melting fast. It's a big drip drip orchestra.
  14. Nothing in Ipswich but can see it south from here. As usual this god damned place always misses the snow.......
  15. The USUAL places as per always. Im right in the East coast but not expecting much out of this week. Maybe a dusting if lucky.
  16. Same. With the luck we have even an easterly wont give us almost nothing while Norwich gonna get buried as usual....
  17. Blame the regurgitating vomits of the mail and express for the last decade of lies to the public. Nowadays most readers just got numb from all the lies in the past.
  18. Its been snowing in Ipswich for like an hour, between light and heavy bursts. Another nice surprise like yesterday when i was just expecting rain. If it gets really cold later on this might get really dangerous with so much water still on pavements and roads.
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