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  1. Tiny ice pellets falling in Leigh-on-Sea ; feels below 0 out there. Interested to see what the band of precipitation headed our way days in the next hour....
  2. Possibly fallen snow being whipped up by these gusty winds and showing up as anaprop?
  3. Sort of small-to-medium grain-type snow here in Leigh-on-Sea at the moment ; kinda snowing, kinda wind-drifting, maybe 3/10 in intensity. Given we're not forecast much today I'll take whatever we can get! Still a good snow base on the ground as well.
  4. It's great to read these excited reports from people that are having the time of their life - very happy for you all (and myself, mind...)
  5. Here's a short video out my back door at about 2105 in Leigh-on-Sea. That's a good 8/10 I reckon! https://streamable.com/ma4r5
  6. About a 25-minute clear-sky respite in Leigh-on-Sea, and the big fluffy flakes have started falling again. Lovely!
  7. Long-time lurker, first-time poster, etc etc! I wouldn't quite say whiteout, but it's been bucketing down quite nicely in Leigh-on-Sea for the past 10 minutes
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