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  1. Fair to say, all models have been really poor at even short range. But I still expect temps to be modelled upwards at the weekend as it gets nearer.
  2. They did mention that today would not be as sunny in western parts, although you aren’t THAT far west!
  3. The ECM has been woeful after 144 with how much it’s been changing from run to run. Upgrade? Really . . . I don’t believe the anomalies support anything overly unsettled next week. So maybe a slightly cool down, but nothing like ECM is suggesting.
  4. Lovely to see high temps coming into the reliable time frame. it seems that 30C is quite likely now.
  5. Models can change quickly. Only a few days ago, there was little if any sign of anything hot. Really hoping we can get 30C on Sunday to expunge that ridiculous temperature anomaly!
  6. Hopefully one will break off and lead to a decent plume!
  7. Looks good to 168 across most models - I’ll take that, as anything after that is fantasy land.
  8. That blot on our summer copybook has to go at some point!
  9. And it’s day 10 - so zero chance of verifying! However, some of that cloud would likely break, where it would become hot and oppressive. As I said earlier, retrogression seems far less likely going by today’s output.
  10. Despite some variability, a big positive today is that the high retrogression seems to have reduced in likelihood.
  11. That would make the national forecast given only yesterday totally wrong. Can’t believe pros could be THAT far out at 48 hours?
  12. More unsettled could mean a more amplified pattern, which may lead to more chance of a plume? High risk though!
  13. The UKMO is a concern. When one of the big three shows that at 144, it canon be dismissed.
  14. Hopefully not. Once that happens, you tend to get stuck in the pattern. We need to get that HP further east.
  15. Didn’t say I want unsettled westerlies - but at least you’d get some sun with those. That ECM 240 chart will be dull and cool for most.
  16. I’d rather have semi-unsettled westerlies than that. Cool and cloudy for most of the south.
  17. I would suggest that there’s a lot more to it than just AAM!
  18. You could say that about 99% of all summers, and be right 99% of the time! But this June has a better chance of being a good one than many in recent years.
  19. Hoping and praying that doesn’t happen. We don’t want HP slipping west.
  20. 2004 and 2007 had good starts to June, and went downhill fairly quickly. So I am always quite wary!
  21. Hopefully without the North Sea drift which gave surface temperatures of 18C with 24C uppers!
  22. I’d take this pattern all summer. With the occasional plume to get into the 30s. I sense it’s only a matter of time.
  23. Not for the east on the above two charts - just for fun at that range though!
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