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  1. It just seems worse than usual! I’ve seen a cross between heatwaves, deluges and everything in between!
  2. It’s quite unusual for there to be no idea whatsoever about where things may be headed.
  3. There’s more to it than just the uppers: there may be cloud cover and showers with the LP close by.
  4. Very warm = 27C Hot = 32C Very hot = 35C Of course humidity can mean that values less than that could be in the same category.
  5. I’ve seen 23C at midday get to 30C by 4pm. Unusual, but subtle changes in wind direction can have an impact.
  6. So is the 30C on for today? Some places already around 20C - so surely it’s possible if it stays clear?
  7. I can’t believe how much they ate swinging around beyond 4 days range. Have we really advanced in the last 10 years with modelling? A week’s time - heatwave or cool rubbish?
  8. Who’s worried about fictional rain charts! Great potential for heat and storms in the models - all good!
  9. You don’t need a long dry spell to squeeze more from 850s, maybe except when going for really high temps.
  10. Love the way how inaccurate the automated forecasts are! Showing 27C for London tomorrow, when it’s blindingly obvious that 30C is under threat.
  11. At that range, highly unlikely. The models have already extended the warmth next week, so they ate struggling beyond T96 at the moment.
  12. The ECM, although becoming unsettled, is nowhere near the GFS horror show.
  13. I think it was your comment that it "wasn't a bad chart" that raised a few eyebrows. I love your positivity, but that was stretching it! Anyway, let's not fall out over it - nothing wrong with a bit of lively discussion eh!
  14. You do have to say though - nowhere else in the world is as unlucky as we are with weather. Literally everything that can go wrong has gone wrong to get from our current pattern to what the GFS is showing. This is why I don't think it will be as bad as that - the odds must be so small. Sadly, the anomalies look like they were way off the mark this time, which is a shame as they are usually pretty good - if it turns out like GFS is showing.
  15. Not with that pattern you won't. However, it's so bad, it won't turn out like that.
  16. I like your posts nomally, but this one is just plain misleading. It's one of the worst runs you can get for summer.
  17. It looks that way. Let's see where it goes later on. Although I said earlier that the models weren't looking great after midweek, I'm still by no means convinced that they are correct.
  18. OK, it's only GFS, but it is a poor run from midweek next week onwards, especially the further north you are. If people are happy with that, then so be it. I just want to start a bit of a discussion, as the anomalies were not suggesting a trough dominated pattern for the UK.
  19. Yes, it could be worse. But Azores high a long way back in the Atlantic, and negatively tilted. That's not a great place to be going forward for summer prospects.
  20. GFS and UKMO head downhill rapidly next week. I know I've tried to push the anomalies, but something has to give.
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