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  1. So glad that the record was broken so that July now holds it. August these days is a poor excuse for a summer month, and the models look like (although they could change) delivering our 17th consecutive poor / average one.
  2. What a truly vile day. You don’t get much worse than this.
  3. Not sure yet. There has been all this discussion about a potential 38.4 at Brogdale too!
  4. Warmest night for many a year. I seem to recall a couple like this in August 1997.
  5. Sorry I meant the all time record. The July record was never in doubt today.
  6. Because the weather gods always find a way to scupper things.
  7. Too much cloud coming up from France now. Record safe, certainly at Heathrow. Unless the cloud dissipates.
  8. Roasting on the top deck of a Boris bus at the moment. There’s more hot air up here than even he can produce!
  9. Not often you come out of a tube station and it’s hotter outside!
  10. If we are pushing for the record, we really need: Little or no cloud before 3-4 pm. Around 35C at midday or just after.
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