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  1. Some brief bubbling up of cloud here around 2pm, but was gone by 2,30. Sunny and very hot.
  2. Could well be the last properly hot day of the year. But with today’s climate, who knows!
  3. So glad that the record was broken so that July now holds it. August these days is a poor excuse for a summer month, and the models look like (although they could change) delivering our 17th consecutive poor / average one.
  4. What a truly vile day. You don’t get much worse than this.
  5. Not sure yet. There has been all this discussion about a potential 38.4 at Brogdale too!
  6. Warmest night for many a year. I seem to recall a couple like this in August 1997.
  7. Sorry I meant the all time record. The July record was never in doubt today.
  8. Because the weather gods always find a way to scupper things.
  9. Too much cloud coming up from France now. Record safe, certainly at Heathrow. Unless the cloud dissipates.
  10. Roasting on the top deck of a Boris bus at the moment. There’s more hot air up here than even he can produce!
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