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  1. Don't disagree with that. Just don't like depressing wet days and warm cloudy days. In the past week, only Saturday has been decent.
  2. But it's summer! Makes no sense!
  3. Hmmmmmm! I bet even you hate these conditions!
  4. It’s like November. Hope all those who wished for this are pleased with themselves!
  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that beyond 144, GEM is particularly useless. Just seems to flip between more extreme solutions, from hot to cold then back again!
  6. It's annoying. If the high was 100 miles further north it would be a lovely got and sunny day. Fine margins.
  7. And as usual way more than forecast. I know I mention it a lot but it’s shocking how bad cloud forecasts have become in this era of so called progress.
  8. The mid Atlantic high won’t happen though according to the teleconnections. So not to worry.
  9. Certainly seems that the weather has made fools of us again. A flat zonal pattern seemed like the most unlikely of outcomes a couple of weeks ago, yet here we are. We keep hearing that the models are playing catch up with regards to any ridging, yet this keeps getting pushed back.
  10. Yet again the 00z runs ate more flat. Been a patten recently. Very odd that these runs don’t seem to pick the signals up thst well.
  11. Cold wet and thoroughly miserable. The last two days have sadly taken the shine off this summer. 1995 and 1976 has no days as truly awful as these two back to back. Such a shame and so very depressing. Warm and wet is passable. Cold and wet no.
  12. Yet the same model was showing high temperatures yesterday! Struggling big time.
  13. With such big differences between ECM and GFS at 144, that shows that the models don't yet have a handle on what's happening next