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  1. It varies, depending on time of year, humidity, wind, uppers etc.
  2. Northolt 28.8C. Only 0.6C short of record.
  3. 29.4C is the April record. Not sure what the second highest April temp is, or even the April 19th date record.
  4. Higher uppers today, less wind and higher starting temperature. 28C not out of the question.
  5. At least those trains have air con. The Central line in high summer, that’s what you call hot!
  6. Look like we will breach the first 70F and first 80F of the year on consecutive days! Don’t suppose that happens too often.
  7. Lovely day. Hard to believe that exactly one month ago today the tenpersture was struggling to get above freezing.
  8. The Beast from the South East looks highly likely now. Exceptional warmth for April - wonder if the 29.4C record is under threat? I know it’s too early to tell, but who knows?
  9. Not looking good now for another cold spell. And if we can’t have cold, I’m happy now to wish for warmth! Good to see signs of the Azores high ridging NE into April.
  10. Some people need to grow up. If you want to bicker and snipe do it via PM. Because the rest of us don’t want to know.
  11. This place is confusing. Steve Murr saying it’s the beginning of the end while others saying the heaviest stuff is still to come? I think I’ll reserve judgement because most predictions have been wrong.