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  1. A drop of 5-7C at the 120 / 144 is a huge downgrade in terms of temps. For the SE anyway.
  2. Huge downgrade from last night in terms of heat. ECM in particular from potential mid 30s to high 20s at best.
  3. I do confess that my toys would have been poised had that chart been at 144!
  4. Get what you’re saying. Wonder if it’s in line with the ensembles?
  5. Come on Mike, that chart is 16 days away! The chance of ANY run being right at that range is remote.
  6. I actually quite liked the parched look, although I wouldn’t want to see it all the time as I would miss the green landscape. Today’s weather is the worst combination if you don’t want to see parched ground - strong sunshine and a drying wind.
  7. I saw your name and thought it must be winter! I agree, beautiful conditions this morning. Love it when you have days like this knowing there are loads more to come!
  8. Already feels warmer than this time yesterday.
  9. Because it’s so rare in this country. There is something appealing about extremes.
  10. The ECM won’t decide anything! It’s a model! GEM looking good out to 144.
  11. UKMO looks very good still and in the shorter term the GFS is warmer than its last run.
  12. Lovely day with lots of sunshine. Bit chilly early on as I suspect it will be later.