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  1. It’s just so ironic. Those who were predicting record breaking temps in Feb may get their wish after all! Maybe we could exceed 20C for the first time in a winter month?
  2. Felt the warmth of the sun today and have to say it was lovely. Time pretty much up now for cold this winter. March is a spring month to me and as much as I love cold and snow, I don’t want it in March!
  3. 40C this summer anyone . . . 😂😂😂 I may be wrong, but it does seem that nowadays, far more factors have to be just right to get cold to the UK. But having lived through the late 80s and 90s winters where cold was rare, I’m prepared to accept that we might be in such a run again.
  4. If we can’t get cold (which is there is zero sign of), then let’s look forward to spring. And use this winter as a massive learning curve.
  5. Nice eye candy - but that’s all it is at the moment. In this winter of epic failures, I’m not getting any hopes up.
  6. I’d love to learn why things turned out like this. I think being cynical stems from so many disappointments. But ridicule - don’t see any of that - not from me anyway. I actually said that I enjoy reading posts from the more enthusiastic cold posters.
  7. I like reading posts by people such as Tight Isobar, Steve Murr etc. But too many people (especially newbies) read them and believe it’s a dead cert. Then other less experienced posters ramp it up.
  8. But this one looks like being completely wrong! Maybe I should clarify my previous post to say that they still have a long way to go in terms of reliability.
  9. Short term modelling has improved greatly over the years but it’s fair to say that long range forecasting hasn’t. The weather still retains the ability to make fools of us. The big problem with long range / background signals / teleconnections etc is that they all come with so many caveats. All we need now is a summer dominated by northern blocking! 😵😵
  10. At least you got some snow! It’s delivered pretty much nothing in Essex. I am now almost longing for the warmth of the sun on my face.
  11. Been hearing that all winter. We may have to face facts that this winter will go against all the signals. Yes there is still time but the chances of getting another beast at the end of Feb for the second year running is remote. What would be interesting is if Feb turned our to be the complete opposite of what the signals suggested. I for one would never believe them again.
  12. Welcome to freezing February everyone. Oh hang on . . .
  13. And the models they are derived from are useless st predicting precipitation.