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  1. Meanwhile virtually the the whole of mainland Europe is sunny. Talk about bad luck.
  2. I think August should get two more chances to be a good summer month. If it was on a team it would have been dropped long ago. Let’s have May June and July as summer months and relegate August to Autumn where it belongs. Since 1995 there has been one decent August. That is a shocking performance. Even with favourable background signals and teleconnections, this August has still found a way to turn mediocre. OK, there have been far more horrific Augusts in the past, but a flat westerly pattern was very much the outside option. And here we are. Hopefully the experts learn from how it has managed to defy the signals.
  3. It’s a valuable lesson to show that even charts which look good synoptically can bring quite poor surface conditions. This weekend is a case in point where you’ve got the 1020 mb isobar and with pretty much no chance of recording any sunshine.
  4. Yep and zero chance of any sun today or tomorrow.
  5. Don't disagree with that. Just don't like depressing wet days and warm cloudy days. In the past week, only Saturday has been decent.
  6. But it's summer! Makes no sense!
  7. Hmmmmmm! I bet even you hate these conditions!
  8. It’s like November. Hope all those who wished for this are pleased with themselves!
  9. I’ve come to the conclusion that beyond 144, GEM is particularly useless. Just seems to flip between more extreme solutions, from hot to cold then back again!
  10. It's annoying. If the high was 100 miles further north it would be a lovely got and sunny day. Fine margins.
  11. And as usual way more than forecast. I know I mention it a lot but it’s shocking how bad cloud forecasts have become in this era of so called progress.
  12. The mid Atlantic high won’t happen though according to the teleconnections. So not to worry.