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  1. Clouding over as the sky darkens......there was alot of altocumulus a while ago..
  2. Had a flash of lightning this morning - followed by a terrifying boom. Some moderately heavy rain falling at the moment.
  3. Raining like there's no tomorrow here! A few flashes of lightning too, can hear the thunder.
  4. The Reading Wind Shield must've been activated today, not a leaf moving O_o Apart from the odd gust or so, that is.
  5. I hope this won't be a huge farce because then I would've wasted my whole weekend waiting for some fish to enjoy high winds ._.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll try and make sure I keep safe by sleeping downstairs, and I guess if those huge trees fall down they'll fall down on the car which keeps on coming back "for sale" every 2 days That'll teach the dude a lesson for trying to sell cars on public grass!
  7. Any chance of Berkshire being heavily affected by the storm? I live by some very tall trees , and I don't want to be squashed in my sleep! :O
  8. There's giant tall trees in my garden, at least 2.7 times taller than the house. I just hope for me and my neighbour's sake they don't fall down - they look quite weak and narrow. If not, we'll still have to clear up all the pine needles, lol.
  9. The heavens have opened! Lots and lots of rain and some thunder & lightning!
  10. Nothing here just yet.....looking hopeful though as the storms move in closer...
  11. Judging by the direction of which the storms are going, my area is right in the firing line :O YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. You gotta be kidding me man! I'm like 1 or 2 miles away from that shower over Reading and it's taking a diversion! I blame the highway agency
  13. I'll admit I'm a child, I'm under 13. But I find this website very educational and a special place for all weather fans everywhere. I don't see why a site harmless to kids should be blocked.
  14. Weather Wars Episode Two: Attack of the warmth

    1. galacticwarrior


      After the thrilling Weather Wars Episode 1, spring has finally regained it's strength and is assaulting the Winter home world with their new daffodil army. Will they make it?

    2. bobsyj1



  15. I'm having hayfever in exam time...where's the rain when you need it? Probably gone to ruin people's holidays in Spain..

    1. MP-R


      sure enough, there was a thunderstorm here in Madrid last night and its very humid today! hope the hayfever improves.

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