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  1. It's really crisp today and bright outside but not as cold as it has been! No frost on my car this morning *yay*
  2. I really wanted this snow but after just having to drive home in it after thinking it was over I can safely say if I never ever see it again it will be too soon! #sorrynotsorry
  3. Carmarthen about 1 hour ago was teaming down, video too big to post, llandowror was very dodgy but we made it home, I hope there is no more now !
  4. Coming down heavy in kilgetty now! Here we go again
  5. Eerie trying to see out of the back windows this morning, they are completely covered with ice! Opened the window and it even sounded eerie with the wind
  6. All Pembrokeshire schools now closed and will remain closed tomorrow, Pembrokeshire College also closing.
  7. Really cold in Pembroke Dock now and I mean bitter, can't ever remember being THAT cold starting the car and driving in. Bit disappointed that we appear to be downgraded but yet all of the schools here will close at 1pm today and will remain closed tomorrow.
  8. I’m going to work from kilgetty to Pembroke Dock but will be watching the weather outside like a hawk! My dad is convinced we are too close to the sea to get any
  9. This is what we want! Kilgetty is covered! Pls pls pls pls come off!!!
  10. I don't want it to be dry I really really REALLY want to be snowed in on Friday!!!
  11. I'm hoping for some snow and a snow day on Friday!
  12. Might not have to walk up the hill leaving the van in the Coop car park then
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