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  1. The warning area from the met has now been updated to include the south coast! 🥳
  2. Here on the south coast is looking further out the game then with a northwards correction.... is that right? Thanks
  3. Drove though Woodingdean and it was snowing. Unfortunately got to newhaven where I live now and it was just rain ! Very sad ☹️ but happy for the people who got snow ⛄️ yay!
  4. Me too... raining in newhaven 😔
  5. Here’s looking for warmth and thunderstorms then 😛
  6. Any thoughts on Brighton either getting in on either one of the streamers or the precipitation moving up from France? And replies would be much appreciated thanks
  7. Any update about the precipitation moving up from France. Thanks
  8. It covered the whole of the south east south west etc ....
  9. MO updated warning for tomorrow have got ridden of the 10-15cm and changed the wording to a few cm 😩
  10. They we’re talking about the amber alert sorry peeps (hopefully soon though)
  11. I’m watching bbc news and it said there is an Amber warning out??? Edit it was an amber alert sorry
  12. Thank you. I downloaded the app 😃
  13. Could someone please tell me how to click onto the met office warnings I can view the map don’t know how to view the text. Probably being really stupid.... thanks