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  1. Hopefully November will be the month where it all changes to much colder weather. Would be happy with that actually, it can still be quite warm and pleasant in September/October.
  2. Very interesting video on whether this prolonged warm spell may continue through autumn or whether it may end abruptly...
  3. GavsWeatherVids is predicting a mild first half of autumn with September and October coming out both warm and sunny. Sounds good to me! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NLYHBN-MWXc
  4. That would be ideal. It seems like years and years since we had an autumn like that. It's usually an extended summer or an atlantic driven wet mess. Fingers crossed for something similar to autumn 2010.
  5. I'm thinking the same as you. I have a gut feeling the second half will be much colder than the first half of the autumn. This run of above average months has to stop at some point...
  6. As we are over half way through summer I think we should all look ahead to the next weather season. What are everyones thoughts on the upcoming autumn?
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