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  1. Looking at the forecast for the week I may be able to get the tractor out soon , outfield will be ready for a first cut of the year. #cricket
  2. And yet the camera at J34 looks like it is snowing , if not actually settling
  3. The radar was showing rain for Barnsley , which is where you are , so I would suggest it is correct.
  4. Radar is showing Snow with the northern edge being just south of Barnsley , roughly level with Wath
  5. First spots of rain in Scunthorpe, pressure dropped to 995 hPa from 997 in last hour or so , air temp 3.8c
  6. The snow is arriving as scheduled as far as I can tell, live radar shows it now progressing past Sheffield moving east.
  7. I agree but my point is in that case the chance of showers should not be indicated as 0% , more like 50% , if I know there is a chance then while I accept that it could mean no rain at all there is also a decent chance I will , at which stage I will make any preparations I need. To go from " it's not going to rain today" to "rain expected in the next 30 minutes" within a couple of hours is just poor.
  8. Be gentle with them , they may get snow this time for a short while but they have to live down south ALL of the time , it's us that gets the better deal ?
  9. I appreciate the difficulties of the forecasters , I am not expecting 100% accuracy ten days in advance , I know that is unrealistic but you cannot go from 0% to 80% within a few hours , something is wrong there and for those like me for whom an accurate short range forecast is important that is enough for me to move away from the BBC , I now use the WeatherQuest radar to see where stuff is and am trying to get into the habit of using the metoffice for the 0-48 hrs info. Your post above is a perfect example of what I mean.
  10. A bit of background , I work as a cricket groundsman in North Lincs , as a result I keep more than a close eye on the forecasts , generally within 7 days max but critical is the next 24/48 hours especially with regards to applying chemicals or leaving the covers on , since the change and especially in 2018 I have been let down more times than I count. Typically I can be at the ground around lunchtime , check the forecast and it says dry so I leave the covers off and go home , within a few hours it starts to cloud over , I recheck the forecast and it's now saying 80% chance of rain , at short n
  11. Managed to get a bit of work done on my cricket ground before this weekend , got the square spiked to assist with drainage before the snow arrives , a quick cut at 20mm and managed to get a winter feed on , now I can hide away in the greenhouse getting the baskets and pots sorted with bedding plants instead of freezing my butt off outside.
  12. Nah I'm over near the Trent so we'll have to see what happens , looks like I've got a chance of some snow this time , although if it hangs around it will shaft me as far as working on the cricket square is concerned as thats at 50m asl
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