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  1. Most unstormy weather ever here at the moment. When is it suppose to hit?
  2. We see the end to this cool spell, the last mm hiding in the shadows is now gone due to rain. I feel this has been the most boring winter. It's also been quite mild with streamer weed only dying off in the rivers middle of January. Midgets in full force. The only benefit has been the fishing has been great.
  3. It's frustrating because if that front had no cold air to bump into it would be Happy to drop rain on us ha ha
  4. Climate has changed, we can not retain snow here during the day.
  5. Had an inch here which is great and unexpected. Thursday seems to have downgraded but I consider myself South of the region, so may get lucky. At least the 6 year of seeing snow has ended, even if it's thawing. Well done Manchester tho looks rough.
  6. Done some raining today. Cool to see some spots seeing snow. ? hoping for a good frost tonight.
  7. It's an ice ring outside at the moment. I just went skating to bus stop.
  8. Yeah rain for us too, so even if snow does appear later tonight it won't have much effect on sticking. It rained last night too. I always go by the language used the second anyone says marginal then in reality it means rain unless you live on a hill or mountain. That logic is yet to be wrong.
  9. Raining here in my part of st Helens. It's cold tho and been cold will day.
  10. The thing is in recent years we talk of marginal, chances, run around skipping for a dusting. I am not being negative but our weather has changed from when I was younger and it seemed more clear cut. It was cold it snowed. Even now we in January near Feb and weather forecasters state things like the sea isn't that cold at the moment, the air masses are not as cold, the sun is strong. We need snow at night these days for it to stick to the floor in most cases. I think our climate has changed drastically and my 3 year old has only seen snow that warranted anything to talk about once in her life. It's sad times at the moment while we chase sleet.
  11. I don't understand why, anyone in here could of predicted that anywhere other than here was getting snow. I predicted rain myself at work, made a bit of money this year being right.
  12. I don't understand why people get bothered to get excited. Over the last two years it's the same old same, snow risk up until the day then it shifts north, South or east of us. We have a snow shield around our region and it's getting stronger every year ?
  13. Nothing in St Helens as I thought but the ice is taking hold now.
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