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  1. Starting to stick to the sides of fences and grass white. Shows we always get surprise snowfall that's not forecast here.
  2. Heavy snow in st Helens and sticking now, let's hope it lasts
  3. Snowing here in st Helens but won't stick the ground is absolutely drenched
  4. This year for the majority of our region has been a rubbish winter. I don't think feb will fair better. Our climate is changing of late.
  5. Gritters out in st Helens while it rains
  6. Where in st Helens are You? I am in haydock and just gone shop and it's really heavy rain. It's flooding roads. No sleet tho.
  7. I can confirm it's raining heavy in st Helens.
  8. 3rd weather warning yet absolutely nothing. It just isn't happening here. Winters have changed.
  9. Hail is vicious here at the moment in st helens
  10. Light snow/sizzle in st helens
  11. Thunderstorm here not much in snow tho. St Helens
  12. Dry and clear in st Helens:) cold tho
  13. Pretty wet and sleety in st Helens, nothing too worrying. Went fishing today wind isn't that bad either and not all that cold.
  14. Raining in sunny st Helens but quite windy
  15. Glad I didn't get my hopes up one year we will get snow...... one year.