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  1. No wind overnight and this morning. Since the yellow warning started its barely been windy at all.
  2. I always love your posts but by now , second week of March, saying snow is a possibility at the end of next week doesn’t really do much. It’s been 10 days away since November. This isn’t a dig keep up the good work
  3. Just because it’s been bad for the uk doesn’t mean it’s been bad for the whole northern hemisphere. I’m sure the Americans aren’t moaning.
  4. As I said snow was never forecast for Cornwall up until it started chucking it down with thick snow . Also most busy people follow the weather on apps and even as it Was white out it still said heavy rain . Also it happened so quick it went from heavy rain to 4 inches of snow in about half an hour. On this occasion I do think it’s a bit harsh to have a go at folk. We don’t all have hindsight unlike you.
  5. As I said yesterday not sure the people who spent the night in their cars in Cornwall will be clapping the met
  6. Not one forecast/app got our weather in Newquay right today. Most said heavy rain and 6c . It’s been barely above freezing since lunch and a good dumping of snow.
  7. It’s confusing as on breakfast news carol said something milder (8c) comes in on Thursday then 2ninutes later spotlight weather said Thursday is the day to watch with snow down to all levels possible.
  8. At least there is chat on here. Over on two it’s a gfuqhgfpjh fest
  9. mbrothers


    so if we don't complain about every abuse in the world then we might as well ignore them all? get a life keyboard warrior .
  10. mbrothers


    you may need to get out a bit more. I for one find the gassing of children to be revolting. your post doesn't deserve to be on a forum . you clearly are a nut job.
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