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  1. No complaints here,warm and mainly sunny.We have probably had more 'Summery' weather so far in September than we had the whole of August.
  2. List from the left Year Month max temp[average] min temp[av] AF [air frosts per month]
  3. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/pub/data/weather/uk/climate/stationdata/braemardata.txt An interesting question but Breamar has only managed it once in 1973
  4. Mainly cloudy,a little brighter in the afternoon,feeling warm,a few spits of rain laater,calm
  5. A dull,cloudy start ,clearing to give a brighter and mainly sunny afternoon,warm
  6. A misty start with drizzle.Cloudy most of the day,a few bright periods,warm
  7. A few showers overnight leaving a warm,cloudy day with just a little brightness at times,some showers later
  8. The first time i went to Australia i couldnt understand why everyone was packing up on the beach at 5 pm when it was hot and sunny but within an hour it was almost dark,it was really strange .Similarly My sisters Hubby when he first came from OZ to England he was left speechless it was still light after 10pm.
  9. I couldnt really give a damn what temperature it is,sunny and warm or sunny and hot is better than 14 deg ,dull with showers or drizzle.We are blessed with a mild climate ,how would people here cope with 40+deg for weeks on end like most continental areas,a handful of days at high twenties would be concedered coat weather in some of those places.
  10. Some light rain and drizzle to start,clearing to leave a mainly sunny day
  11. The church just a hundred yards from where i live was destroyed in a gale on March 1st 1949
  12. Dull with drizzle to start leaving a cloudy remainder
  13. Dry and cloudy ,becoming increasingly sunny in the afternoon,a little breeze
  14. Its going to be at best average for this time of year,not a heatwave!
  15. Your summation of July is of an average month.For you and the general public that may be the case but as a Farmer trying to make dry crisp hay in the height of summer i can tell you it certainly wasnt.Yes we had a great 9 days mid month but the rest of the month had nothing but cloud and showers.Yes nothing terribly wet but it is certainly not average when showers and cloud persist from the 20th of June until September except for 9 hot days and a few good half days late August.
  16. Cloudy and dry but just as it looked to brighten it became dull then drizzle late in the day
  17. Mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells in the morning and early afternoon
  18. I think 1911 accounts for probably the best extended summer with good weather from May until mid October,1947 was probably not too far behind.I really dont know how you can put 1994 up there with the best as it wasnt,2018 should take its place as that was and shouldnt be listed as good. 1981 and 1982 were at least good to average,there were no poor summers in the 90s except 1998of which had a reasonable August. 2000 and 2001were good,2003 and 2006 the best since along with 2013 and the very good 2018 Most of the rest of the last 20 years have been garbage.
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