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  1. A few showers max 11 min 6 deg
  2. Rain and showers throughout foggy at times max 6 deg min 3 deg
  3. A dull day with a little drizzle max 6 deg min 3 deg
  4. Dry and cloudy max 6 deg min 4 deg
  5. A foggy cold day with spells of drizzle max 5 deg min 1 deg
  6. Rain and sleet overnight leaving a cold mainly dry day with a couple of showers.A cover of snow to very high ground max 4 deg min 2 deg
  7. Mainly dry with an odd light shower,some, sunny periods,max 11 deg,min 6 deg
  8. A few changes needed to challenge 1985 !
  9. Some showers to start then dry with sunny periods,max 9 deg,min 3 deg
  10. A little rain overnight leaving a mainly dry day,sunny in the morning,cloudy later,max 11 deg,min 7 deg
  11. Mainly dry and cloudy,a couple of light showers,max 13 deg,min 5 deg
  12. hillbilly

    Autumn 2018

    Despite the showers in recent weeks it is still amazingly dry here especially following such a dry summer. Local met office has a total of 228mm for the 6 months since May,only 1995 and 1989 were drier in the last 100 years
  13. Showery for much of the day,windy at times,max 13 deg,min 10 deg
  14. Mainly dull and foggy to start,brighter later,max 10 deg,min 8 deg
  15. Also England has recorded the coldest night of the winter season on 7 occasions in the last 30 years including last winter.