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  1. Some snow overnight but mostly dispersed to leave an icy start,cold and dry,max 3 deg,min 1 deg
  2. Sleet overnight with a cold start some rain and sleet showers,max 4 deg,min 2 deg
  3. Cold with a few showers and a longer spell of rain ,max 5 deg,min 1 deg
  4. Dry and frosty start becoming cloudy max 2 deg min -3 deg
  5. Just arrived back in Manchester at minus 4 degrees from Rockhampton Australia at 34 degrees.My biggest temperature change in the day am sure this has been covered before but what are other members memories?
  6. Fading memories of 2010

    Yes the snow was confined to hilly areas and many areas got no snow at all.I lived at 340m and there was little below 150m.lower roads were unaffected yet on the hills it snowed all but a few days in February and drifted constantly. I worked on a farm at 370m and we had a snowblower we used twice a day every day for weeks it remained sub ero for the 6 weeks with only a few days where there was a slight thaw during the day.It was very dull with very few clear skies but temperature was nothing special for minima but was unbelievable for maxims. Resevoirs froze to 1 foot thick on the tops.From what I believe very similar to that of 1947.
  7. Fading memories of 2010

    Yes this period in 2010 was exceptionally cold and on paper much colder than February 1986 but for cold lovers it does not allow for windchill.I for one have never felt a colder spell than that of 1986 for almost 6 weeks we had bitter east winds unrelenting on these penning hills whereas 2010 was practically calm it really makes a difference to cold.we can only wonder what it was like in 1947
  8. Some sunny spells and drizzle around midday max 8 deg min 4 deg
  9. A groundfrost to start leaving a mainly sunny day max 7 deg min 1 deg
  10. Cloudy with some light rain late morning then some sunny spells in the afternoon max 9 deg min 7 deg
  11. Dry and cloudy .calm .max 10 deg min 8 deg
  12. Mainly dry and cloudy ,a little milder,max 11 deg,min 6 deg
  13. Fading memories of 2010

    Am glad you younger folks out there have appreciated a very cold and wintery period.It did look at one time pre 2008 that we would never get such conditions again.It does appear like any severe spell some areas do far better than others.December 2010 was the coldest December in many if not most areas since 1895 but fortunately I was around to witness that of 1981 and in our area that was colder than 2010 and had far more snow with huge drifts.I am also fortunate to have seen February 1986 which did not have the extreme temperatures but felt far colder due to the constant bitter easterly winds and very low maxima and also the benchmark in my lifetime the great 1979 which just had it all.Just wish I was old enough to have witnessed 1963 or 1947.
  14. Fading memories of 2010

    That may seem cold but southern England ,particularly the south east have recorded as low as -21 deg C
  15. A groundfrost to start ,a little sunshine then cloudy and cold,max 5 deg,min 2 deg