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  1. A dry and sunny day after a cold start,max 12 deg,min 2 deg
  2. Sunny to start then clouding over the remainder,max 15 deg,min 10 deg
  3. Dry and mainly sunny,max 15 deg,min 8 deg
  4. A nice sunny day after a cold start and groundfrost,max 12 deg,min 2 deg
  5. A cold start with a groundfrost leaving a nice sunny day,max 10 deg,min 2 deg
  6. Cool and cloudy,mainly dry with a few spits,max 9 deg,min 5 deg
  7. Mild ,with sunny spells,breezy,max 17 deg,min 12 deg
  8. hillbilly

    Winter 2018/19

    Most of you are not commiting to any forcast but those who have any comment are forgetting one thing,Rainfall. Here certainly we are still in a very dry period for this time of year and are overdue a lot of rainfall.It is much more likely to become very wet at some period than it is to remain dry That is not to say we wont have a relatively dry winter like we did in 1995/96 after a dry summer but the likelihood is we will all get wet.Hopefully that will be in the form of snow and not endless Altlantic fronts.
  9. hillbilly

    Best and worst winters

    Am going to base mine on an extended winter to include March and November .March often produces the best of winter and certainly has a big influence. Best 1. No contest 1978/1979 2.1985/1986 ,the coldest November for a century and february the coldest of any month since 1963 3.1981/1982 What a December,beat 2010 hands down here and January was also great. 4.2012/2013 Snowed in January and got colder each month to give the best blizzard like conditions since 1979 in March 5 2009/2010 Lots of snow and cold,a shame the wind did not pick up,it could have rivalled 1979. 6.Also rans,most of the 1980s,77/78,1990,1995 and 2018,beast from the east 1+2 Worst Too many to mention!
  10. hillbilly

    March cold and snowfall top years.

    1987 Very cold (CET 4.1C) - the coldest since 1970, and there hasn't been a colder one since. It was extremely cold in the first half, as cold continental air covered the country. Heavy snow in central regions on the 6-7th. Drifts several feet deep reported in Staffs. There was another heavy snowfall on the 19th over the south: 30 cm on Salisbury Plain. There were some severe frosts. It became milder form the 22nd, as winds turned more towards the NW, but it was wet. It was very stormy on the 27th. An extract from Britweather for march 1987
  11. Dry,sunny and mild,max 18 deg,min 8 deg
  12. Dry and windy to start ,good sunny spells,feeling mild,max 16 deg,min 10 deg
  13. Dry and breezy some sunny spells max 15 deg min 9 deg
  14. Showers and drizzle in the morning becoming drier,max 9 deg,min 6 deg
  15. Dry and cloudy with light drizzle later in the day,max 16 deg,min 8 deg