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  1. Cloudy with some spells of drizzle,max 17 deg,min 11 deg
  2. Dry with sunny spells,max 19 deg,min 12 deg
  3. Mainly dry and warm,a few sharp showers later ,windy in the afternoon,max23 deg,min 16 deg
  4. Yes there are a lot here mentioning December 2010 as a favourite but for me I would choose December 2015.I was fortunate to witness December 1981 here in the pennines was colder, had much more snow and gave huge drifts.December 2015 here however produced something I hadn't seen before that being Floods.The flooding in this area was shocking and areas of the Calder valley hadn't seen anything as bad since 1946.Bridges were damaged and our local one at Elland was closed for a year and had to be rebuilt when the river and canal become one.
  5. Mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells,warm,max 20 deg,min 14 deg
  6. It was obviously different in the north west than it is in Norfolk.It is also differently perceived on what you class is poor.Just because the temperature is cooler does not bean it is poor and it can be very wet on several days but is that worse than less rain but on far more days.Certainly 2012 was worse than any summer here in the 80s but not comparative months may not have been.
  7. A light shower later in the day,otherwise mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells,max 21 deg,min 16 deg
  8. As a farmer during this period I would say that 1985 just shades it as the worst.The period 85 to 88 was a poor period for summers and were all different in how they were poor.1986 being coolest and dull with 1988 a wet july and 1987 a cold wet june.It is all too well looking at stats but sometimes what it felt like has more of a bearing to me and 1985 was definitely worse when we were trying to make hay in july and august,it was the first year I saw anyone with a round baler where people wrapped it in a plastic bag because it couldn't be made dry enough.I do however think that both 2008 and 2012 were worse,once again for different reasons.
  9. hillbilly

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    What has made this drought so severe for growers and trees particularly is the lack of rainfall during the 'fastest growth'period.That being May and June.1976 had rather a wet May and 1995 although a relatively dry May ,faired better than this year.What happened is grass and trees drank the ground dry during May and June ,that with almost no rainfall and endless very watm and sunny days have left the country parched worse than 1976 and 1995 up until now.It will however be a wetter summer than 1995 and probably 1976 but 2018 will go down as the driest May to August than any other.
  10. Some light rain overnight otherwise dry and warm,max 19 deg,min 15 deg
  11. Only 1947 has ever produced 30 deg in the extended summer months ,May,June,July August and September
  12. Mainly cloudy with some brief sunny spells,very warm and humid,max 23 deg,min 18 deg
  13. Dry,cloudy with sunny spells,clearing in the afternoon giving a hot and sunny remainder,max 25 deg,min 16 deg
  14. Mainly cloudy with a few sunny spells,max21 deg,min 13 deg
  15. A mainly cloudy day with some sunny intervals,max 21 deg,min 12 deg