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  1. Very warm and sunny for much of the day becoming more cloudy at tea,max 24 deg min 16 deg
  2. What a difference a day makes but here has been opposite to how you have had it.Yesterday saw almost no sun here at 26 deg whereas today seemed much hotter being sunny all day until the last hour it has clouded and been 24 deg.Today has been a fantastic summers day whereas yesterday was a big yawn!
  3. 24 deg here with almost uninterrupted sunshine feeling hot,feels like a real summers day compared to yesterdays 26 deg complete cloudfest!
  4. Some sun to start and a short spell mid afternoon otherwise cloudy with a brief shower at midday,calm and humid,max 26 deg,min 16 deg
  5. Although very warm and humid we have seen very little sun today,some to start the day and maybe half hour or so this afternoon,looks like we may get a little more at 7 pm,max 26 deg.Cloudfest!
  6. Sunny to start becoming cloudy for most of the day with only the most brief appearances of sunshine ,humid and warm,max 22 deg,min 17 deg
  7. A windy day,some strong gusts,easing later,some sunny spells and some showers ,max 20 deg,min 16 deg
  8. light squally showers and drizzle at times,windy with some strong gusts,max 17 deg,min 9 deg
  9. Yes gone from a summers day yesterday back to autumn,managed a little better here at 17 deg but showery,windy with strong gusts at times,shocking!
  10. Dry and breezy,some sunny spells,max 18 deg,min 13 deg
  11. A mainly dry day ,breezy and sunny but some showers later in the morning and early afternoon,max 22 deg,min 16 deg
  12. Just about right ,after one of the worst Julys we have experienced on the last day it fires out a one day wonder like that,third hottest day ever.Reminissent of July 2015 only that was the 1st.!
  13. A hot and sunny day,clouding at tea and giving a brief shower late in the day,max 30 deg,min 12 deg
  14. Some light showers during the morning clearing to give a humid and cloudy day,the skis finally cleared not long before sunset,max 21 deg,min 13 deg
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