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  1. 2014 here was not good at all,average at best,2013 had a great July but August was a cloudfest.A bit different to the 80's where 1983,1984 and 1989 were better than every summer in the last 24 years except 2018!
  2. Weather Rubbish here today,rain when I left at 6 am to find a fine with some sun Sheffield only to return early afternoon to rain which persisted for most of the afternoon.This month is almost certain to make my 'poor' list .Yet another Summer like so many in the last decade that have been very disappointing at best!
  3. Mainly dry with a couple of sharp showers good sunny spells max 18 deg min 12 deg
  4. A dry and cloudy morning ,then a hour long spell of rain before a dry and sunny remainder,windy,max 18 deg,min 13 deg
  5. A mainly cloudy morning and sunny spells in the afternoon,windy ,max 19 deg,min 12 deg
  6. Just trying to work out how many questions you have asked there? I would always pick' cool and sunny' and the reason is because the sun naturally boosts your serotonin levels that make you feel better and certainly is the case for me.It also emits radiant heat which makes the day feel much warmer than the background temperature,hence why it does feel much cooler when it disappears behind a cloud and why stonework or objects in the sunshine can feel warm even on a February day.The big spanner in the works for me would be wind,it really can ruin a day especially here in the pennines.In the valley bottoms it can be tropical where people have shorts and shirt off ,yet venture on to the hill tops it can be so windy you have to put on a sweater so in this instance I would have to choose cloudy and calm.
  7. A dry and breezy day with good sunny spells,max 19 deg,min 14 deg
  8. Maybe we were spoilt with having two here from the 70s and 3 in the 80s ,only the 50s have two others in the list,all the other decades having one and the 20s,60s and naughties being devoid.The few poor summers in the 80s we got were more than made up for it here,what joys to have that decade again!
  9. A showery morning turning into persistant light rain for most of the day,windy,max 16 deg,min 11 deg
  10. Showers and windy in the morning becoming drier and sunny,max 17,min 13 deg
  11. Mainly dry in the morning with some drizzle then showers arriving for most of the afternoon,max 16 deg,min 11 deg
  12. Its been 16 years since the last 'Very good' August,looks ,will have to see if 2020 wil break that trend.
  13. I have a word to describe people like you..'Lizards'.Not to be demeaning but it just means a cold blooded person who does not feel the cold.I think I am right in thinking most of these types cannot cope with anything above 15 deg as a result.Equally people a little more like me don't really like cold but can cope with any amount of heat.Pesonally am not as bad as most with cold but any type of breeze that goes with it goes straight through me.How I used to cope living high up on those pennine moors in winter ..BRRRRRR
  14. Dry with just a couple of spells of drizzle,sunny periods,max 17 deg,min 10 deg
  15. A mainly dry day with some short spells of drizzle and light rain,a few sunny spells,breezy,max 17 deg,min 13 deg
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