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  1. Mainly cloudy some sunny spells,max 8 deg,min 5 deg
  2. just looked at my nearest met office station for data and added 1997 and 1998 to Sunny's post. In order Sunniest 1995,89,83,03,97,84,13,90,98 warmest 1995,97,03,84,90,83,13,89,98 Statistics are also very good at hiding how a month really feels.Sunshine levels certainly don't show cloudy afternoons or showers during the day and temperatures certainly in recent years have been high due to night time temperatures. If I look at the last few summers of 2014 up to last year ,they have great sunshine levels but I have described all as disappointing .
  3. Some sunny spells at times,milder,max 9 deg,min 2 deg
  4. I guess 1998 here was on the back of a poor summer but I also seem to think it wasn't a great start .What I do remember is we had a lot of dead calm but and sunny days but many here in the pennines were dogged by hazy sunshine .whilst I worked on the farm at the time after a poor summer this month was the time to do much of the remainder of the haymaking but we struggled with the dew and calm conditions and hazy sunshine,a dull last few days.To me I base summer on making hay,if you struggle to make hay it is a poor month.For many you can have many days of good sunny weather and still call it good with a few showers inbetween,for me that is poor ,you cannot make hay !
  5. Yes August really is a month that does not perform in recent years and we are a very long way overdue a very good one.With memorable ones such as 1975,76,83,84,89,90,95 and 1997 real standout greats as well as some good ones thrown in such as 1981,1991 and 1996 there seems to have been a big change with only 2003 to add as great in over 20 years and maybe a couple that could be described as ok,hoping for something better this year.
  6. A frosty start leaving a sunny day becoming breezy and a few spits later,max 6 deg,min -1 deg
  7. Not the best description of a topic.I see members from London and Liverpool disagreeing but the fact is all summers in general are very different across the country.The amount of times I see hot temps in the south east in the high 20s and even over 30 for periods of the summer whereas here in the pennines we can count the days over 25 on 2 fingers,it seems to happen every few years.The 80s here did have 4 bad sunmers of 85,86,87 and 88.Possibly 1980 as I don't really recall but 81 was ok with a decent August.When I say they were bad I do mean 'bad' but the summers of 2007,2009,2010[except june] and 2011 I think were marginally worse and 2008 and 2012 I do not have a description for,there was no summer,shockers! What I would say about the 80s is I would take that decade all the time as the 4 or 5 poor summers more than made up for it with the very good summers of 1983,84 and 1989 ,only 1995 has had a better summer than any of these 3 years since.I don't know how 2013 got so high in the rankings,it was just cloudy here except for july ,an eternity away from the 80s great 3 summers.
  8. A cold start ,cloudy with good sunny spells much of the day,max 6 deg,min 1 deg,still some snow under walls and a few patches .
  9. A cold and mainly sunny day,max 3 deg,min 0 deg.Some snow still drifted under walls and small patches in fields
  10. Snowcover overnight leaving a windy day full of snow showers,very cold,max 2 deg,min 0 deg 30 mm snowcover 100% cover
  11. Foggy ,light showers and drizzle persisting for much of the day,max 7 deg,min 4 deg
  12. A groundfrost to start leaving a mainly cloudy day with some sunshine,breezy later,max 7 deg,min 0 deg
  13. Some showers in the morning and dry with some sunshine later,max 7 deg,min 3 deg
  14. A day of persistant rain and showers,fairly calm,max 7 deg,min 5 deg
  15. Dry with some sunny spells,max 8 deg,min 4 deg,calm