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  1. some light showers overnight leaving a dry day with sunny spells
  2. I guess you must be one that likes it dark at 08.00 and 16.00 but really you cannot appreciate the darkness of midwinter without midsummer.I must be a rarity as i like both!
  3. Missed out on the rain here,a lovely day yesterday albeit cloudy just a few spits late in the day,hardly enough to wet the tarmac.Sunny start today,still summer here!
  4. A great Summer,well short of 1995 but very dry.1995 was very dry but the winter 1995/96 was also very dry which left this area with resevoir and river levels almost as low as the previous year.
  5. Cloudy and dry ,dark clouds later with just a few spots of rain late in the day
  6. Warm,cloudy and humid becoming a little fresher later in the day
  7. Cloudy most of the day,just a brief glimse of the sun mid morning then again later in the day,humid and warm
  8. Cloudy to start becoming sunny but a cool fresh breeze
  9. Mainly cloudy with sunny periods from mid afternoon,breezy
  10. Dry,some sunny spells but mainly cloudy,breezy at times,warm
  11. Warm and sunny most of the day,more cloud later in the afternoon
  12. Yes,like i have said before,if someone offered me this spell of weather but had to endure a repeat of this May ,i would take it every year please!
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