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  1. Dry with good sunny spells,breezy,clouding with some drizzle later,max 20 deg,min 13 deg
  2. Mainly cloudy with some hazy sunshine late morning,max 17 deg,min 12 deg
  3. Cloudy to start then sunny spells but a brief heavy shower and thunder before tea.The first rain for many weeks ,max 19 deg,min 9 deg
  4. Dry,cloudy to start then sunny spells the rest of the day,max 18 deg,min 9 deg
  5. Dry and cloudy with some sunny spells from mid afternoon,max 20 deg,min 10 deg
  6. Cloudy until afternoon becoming sunny then cloudy again later,max 18 deg,min 13 deg
  7. Cloudy to start ,clearing mid morning to give a very warm and sunny remainder to the day,max 22 deg,min 14 deg
  8. One of the scariest experiences in my life,i will have a date for it somewhere but not at the moment.Somewhere in the early 1990s I was walking home from the farm I worked at across a large field at 380metres ,it was dark and just started raining.After only a short distance it was very heavy rain then with no warning a very loud bang and instantaneous daylight and back to total darkness,scared the life out of me.I knew by that the storm was right on top of me,i should have gone back to the farm but persisted.Maybe 30 seconds later it happened again,i hit the ground and by this time the rain was torrential.I stayed where I was and moments later it happened again.I decided to run for it then hit the ground again before the next bang and flash.Strange things happen in your mind in times like this and I was convinced there was someone else in that field in those split seconds of light.I repeated this a couple more times until I came across a wall where I had a breather and somehow felt safe,the times between the lightening grew a little and I jumped over the wall and over the brow of the hill,hitting the ground in anticipation of a strike,once a little lower down the hill I ran the rest of the way home.This was only a couple of hundred yards away from where my Grandad was struck by lightening.
  9. Some light fog to start becoming sunny most of the day,cloudy at tea with a shower,max 21 deg,min 12 deg
  10. cloudy to start then warm and sunny,max 20 deg,min 12 deg
  11. Dry and cloudy all day,max 16 deg,min 11 deg
  12. Yes,been cloudy today but the rest of the week has either been mostly sunny or cloudy mornings with sunny afternoons,dry ,what more could you ask for? This last 6 weeks have given more summer weather than many summers in total since 2007 and its only the second week in June!
  13. Cloudy for much of the morning and sunny and warm the remainder ,calm,max 19 deg,min 9 deg
  14. A cloudy morning and a sunny ,warm afternoon,max 17 deg,min 10 deg
  15. Cloudy and dry,max 18 deg but my thermometer recorded a minimum of 7 deg?That cannot be right.