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  1. A groundfrost leaving a mainly cool sunny day,max 5 deg,min 1 deg
  2. I am well south of the border but I remember 1985 and 1986 being very frosty,particularly 1985,i believe there hasn't been a colder November since,i don't know what it was like up there. With a quick look at Breamars records,both 1985 and 1993 had plenty of air frosts in October and November but yes it could be a bumper season.
  3. Not sure why you think they are unusual,maybe in recent years but historically nothing unusual at all in fact minus 10 deg has all but a hairs breadth been reached as late as mid May and as early as mid October!
  4. Light rain in the morning clearing to leave a mainly dry remainder max 8 deg min 4 deg
  5. Always remember working on the farm in the bitter winter of 1986.It was 6 in the morning and I had heard a Madonna song had just missed out on No 1 position but I had never heard it.I always remember that first time I heard 'Borderline' one morning when I went to start the tractor and it came on the radio and it will always remind me of that bitter cold of Mid February 1986
  6. Just to note in 1919 November had already produced an amazing temperature of -23.3 deg which not only was the coldest temp of the season but nothing colder was recorded before and after for a 60 year period.[1940,1910 joint]
  7. Cold and mainly dry with rain arriving late in the day,windy,max 5 deg,min 3 deg
  8. A frosty start leaving a dry day with sunny periods,max 6 deg,min 1 deg
  9. Rain and windy during the morning becoming dry with sunny spells,max 7 deg,min 4 deg
  10. A frosty start leaving a cold,dry and sunny day,max 5 deg,min 0 deg
  11. Just having noticed that the longest period since the 1930s not reaching at least -20 deg is 9 years.Since it has been 9 years since our last sub -20 deg I shall predict that it is going to happen this winter,most likely Scotland but if we get BFTE then there is no reason that Shawbury or Kent could not reach that.
  12. Yes a forgotten month.Subzero for a week in the east in the 3rd week and one of only 8 subzero months in 120 years
  13. A frosty start becoming cloudy with a few light showers,max 4 deg,min 0 deg
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