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  1. Dry except for a couple of light showers breezy some sunny spells max 9 deg min 7 deg
  2. Mainly sunny with some patchy cloud,breezy for a time,max 11 deg,min 6 deg
  3. Where do I start? From my memory being a kid in the 70s,1979 was in a league of its own.We lived on a farm at 340m and our lane was 1/3rd of a mile long.Dad fortunately as was common left the car almost 2 miles down in the valley so he could get about.It took us a week to dig the lane out by hand but had to wait for a second week for the council to clear the roads to our lane.Back then they used 2wd jcbs which couldn't tturn to tip the snow over walls on these narrow lanes.The farms further along had to wait much longer for a snowblower to arrive which the council had just bought from Sweden. Since the 80s however snow is cleared much more effectively as every farmer has a huge 4x4 tractor and many have blowers so that will never happen again.Many winters I remember since such as 1981/82,,1984,1986,1990 and 1995 we used to drive through the fields and clear the roads later as we did also in 1979 when it filled the road in again.Dad used to say that in winters of his youth that was the only way they got about and winters such as 1963 and 1947 the roads were inpassable for many weeks.
  4. A frosty start leaving a lovely sunny day max 11 deg min-1 deg
  5. A slight frost leaving a lovely sunny day max 10 deg min 0 deg
  6. A frosty start leaving a dry mainly sunny day max 6 deg min 1 deg
  7. hillbilly

    4th/5th Feb 2012 - SE England snowfall

    February 1986 wasn't just a very cold second half.There was little temperature change between January 23rd and March 4th or that was the case here in the pennines
  8. An odd light shower leaving a dry day with good sunny spells,max 6 deg,min 3 deg
  9. Very windy with equally showers for most of the morning becoming dry max 7 deg min 4 deg
  10. It's 17.30 and it's not completely dark
  11. Cold to start becoming wet and windy max 9 deg min 3 deg
  12. A wet and windy start becoming drier max 6 deg min 3 deg
  13. A frosty start leaving a dry sunny start becoming cloudy max 8 deg min 2 deg
  14. A frosty start leaving a milder breezy shower day max 7 deg min 0 deg
  15. An odd light shower leaving a dry and sunny day .Milder max 7 deg min 4 deg