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  1. Oh look it's raining here on the Isle of Wight. Unless the models show raging easterlies I never believe these met warnings here.
  2. -5 here with hard frost. Are temps really going to raise that much that we get rain later on the coast.
  3. Living on the Isle of Wight I'm gonna choose to laugh at that, be better for my sanity.
  4. Beeb forecast for the Isle of Wight looks disappointing (yet again). My thoughts are allready turning towards spring time and warmth. Been another frustrating winter.
  5. Believe it when it's showing on the radar . We only seem to do well from easterlies.
  6. Living here on the Isle of Wight I've learned to take snow forecasts with a very large pinch of salt. One of the worst places if you love snow.
  7. The beast has done a runner here on the isle of Wight. Feels alot milder now with steady rain.
  8. Ok, had a great afternoon in the snow with the boys. But confused with current radar precipitation type. Snow or freezing rain overnight ?
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