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  1. I’ve managed to avoid the model thread this winter and I feel so much better for it... no mad mood swings from elation to inevitable disappointment. So far I seem to have missed 2 severe let downs. Keep up the good work guys and I’ll continue getting my info from in here, far better!
  2. I’m surprised no weather warning for rain today, it’s been heavy all day and roads are flooded!
  3. A sight I’ve never seen before in this country, a local potato farmer is filling slurry spreaders with water to irrigate his fields. He’s been at it constantly for the ast 3 days. I’d say some local farmers r starting to worry about the drought!
  4. lovely here today, heres hoping for a lot more
  5. But Neiller that’s the point we would’ve loved it but we’re sitting freezing our boxxxcks off and it’s still mostly green outside and we’ll have to hear about Feb/March 2018 snow storm for the next 50 years.
  6. Ok totally fed up with this cold weather, it’s spring for goodness sake!!! Lambing in only a couple of weeks!
  7. That huge blob hasn’t moved for hours, someone is getting pasted!
  8. The radar is so deceptive, judging by it you would think everwhere was doing well. It’s just Ronans dandruff landing here though!
  9. As the owner of a business I’d be seriously pixxed of if I had to send everyone home and close unless a very good reason!
  10. Sorry it’s comments like that which have resulted in such a risk averse culture. There’s always risk of something like that happening. The authorities in the south need to localise there warnings far more, the same happened with the “hurricane” which only affected the south west. Red Alert fatigue will set in and in the future people will ignore warnings when they r warranted!
  11. Ok this is frustrating, 3-4cm’s here radar keeps looking so good but not much falling but so jealous of all those with feet of snow, mind you sorry for those with nothing!
  12. MeteoGroup who supply bbc have rubbish, bbc have been trumpeting this low all week, Metoffice where always more uncertain
  13. Neiller you definitely do the must IMBY posts, terrible up to last night now fantastic. Lol
  14. Well if it going to hit Donegal it will hit NI. Their threshold for red warning is only 8cm
  15. Yeah what r they seeing that we don’t!
  16. Can anyone explain why the streamer on the north coast starts off light and intensifies as it moves west over land?
  17. Euro4 hasn’t covered itself in glory either, they were predicting no accumulations for the entire northern 7 counties
  18. Yeah reports of blizzards at home, bet it all stops by the time I get back
  19. Can’t wait to get home looks as if a streamer has been hitting the north coast for the past 2 hours!
  20. Rochey’s getting his revenge at last after suffering through all our snow reports for the past 8 years. Thing is he’ll get the same amount in the next few days as we’ve had the past 8 years!!
  21. It’s because Sperrin lives there, West, East, South or North it all ends up at his front door!
  22. Streamer heading straight down the foyle