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  1. Yeah but up north the weather is usually crap in July, improves slightly in August. Dublin and further south on east coast totally different
  2. Looking forward to some thunderstorms over the next couple of days. After that weather doesn’t look great though!
  3. Boris do you not have something else to be doing? To be honest it’s totally legitimate to question the government In this case, they’ve u turned in 24 hours. It’s obvious it’s been forced on them by so many institutions cancelling events and from the criticism within their own party. To give them credit this is an exceptionally difficult event to react to so they’ll not always get it right.
  4. That’s the problem, it’s a global pandemic so requires a global solution or at the very least a regional one. If all other countries are trying to contain the spread then it won’t work when uk is only managing it as they will spread infection to all other countries. unless the Uk is put in quarantine!
  5. He doesn’t need to worry, Britain’s strategy will guarantee a second wave for everyone else?
  6. Depends on your point of view I suppose. I personally believe that Britain’s policy would only work if all countries did it together. This is a global problem not one confined to these 2 islands!
  7. Well the government are taking a high risk here. Totally different policy than most countries in the world. Not convinced this would be followed if an election was round the corner. The problem is that other countries are trying to stop the spread instead of a managed spread, will it work. At some stage the cases might be higher than most other countries as we approach our peak and they’ve just clamped down on their first one. Will they stop flights to the Uk then? The hope is when other countries get a second peak in the autumn we’ll have herd immunity here and so overall have a lower death rate. Who will be right, epidemiologists will be studying this for years to come
  8. Pity, as a Liverpool fan, that it wasn’t cancelled before last night?
  9. 7th death from Diamond Princess cruise ship, and we know for definite that’s nearly 1% of cases. We don’t know the average age on the ship though!
  10. It’s all very well saying they won’t close schools but I can see teachers refusing to work as the risk of infection will be so high!
  11. That’s 3 diplomats/politicians who have now died from this in Iran, surely more than 107 have died in the general population!
  12. Another 2 deaths in France today bringing death toll to 6
  13. They’ve only really tested residents of a nursing home which would tend to skew the figures!
  14. This is a reasonably positive statement from the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus✔@DrTedros Knowing & understanding an epidemic is the first step to defeating it. We are in unchartered territory with #COVID19. We have never before seen a respiratory pathogen that is capable of community transmission, but which can also be contained with the right measures. 1,150 5:35 PM - Mar 2, 2020
  15. The vast majority of deaths and cases in China were in Hubei province, isolated cases elsewhere but no spread on the same level. South Korea 75% of cases in the Daegu region although their epidemic hasn’t peaked.
  16. Now a total of 9 deaths in Washington State!!
  17. It’s interesting how China, South Korea and hopefully Italy have managed to keep the outbreaks fairly well confined to a certain geographical area. It provides hope that with the right measures it might be contained. Hence why WHO haven’t declared a pandemic
  18. Another thing I’ve been wondering, are most of the Italian cases still predominantly coming from the same region which was quarantined or has it spread to the rest of Italy yet in significant numbers?
  19. So close to being a great snow event, snowing heavily but only lying on the car just need it a degree colder!
  20. My big fear is the USA, trump seems to be downplaying this to slow the stock market slide. But 3 new cases with no known source last night. They only started testing last night in one of the states, so could be widespread already!
  21. Case confirmed in Northern Ireland now
  22. I’m just back from Tenerife and half my staff want me to self isolate despite no symptoms, the panic has started!
  23. After all the rain this evening I’d be amazed if we get much snow at all tonight
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