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  1. Fierce storm out tonight, wind and rain really picking up!
  2. Euro 4 not promising for snow tonight but wonder how much snow we get from the front on Sunday morning?
  3. Looks like the snow event is a disappointment going by the various regional threads! Unless it kicks in later
  4. Can’t believe it, snow from that band on the north coast! Totally unexpected. If precipitation is going to fall it will always land here, unfortunately normally rain!
  5. Epic Fail! I’ve just spent half an hour with the kids trying to build a snowman but no joy, won’t stick it’s too dry. Not sure why!
  6. Beautiful here this morning, snow right down to sea level
  7. Ronan do you ever sleep! Lol Still snowing away here, warnings of 1-3cm were a joke
  8. All good here, full on snow, ground white getting heavier and radar looks even better!
  9. Yeah been waiting for that streamer off the north coast for at least an hour. Just about to hit now though
  10. Looking at the radar there’s a few beefy showers incoming
  11. Nothing more depressing than dry and cold when others are getting snow, and if anything fell from the sky it would lie. I feel your pain
  12. Lol that’s what I get, despite repeated warnings over many years to ignore them, they’ve changed already!
  13. Better for the snow showers to stop until later when they’ll lie better! Hope the MetO symbols are right for later
  14. Not convinced we want that low on Thursday, risk it could be only rain at low levels anyway!
  15. Well thats depressing, last night the North Coast was under the deep purple for close to 10cm!
  16. And it’s getting unfair now after you got the action last year! Well if this comes true!
  17. Hope we get a low like shown, We badly need something unexpected to appear, it looks like the other main lows are heading too far south
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