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  1. Belfast telegraph reporting a new provisional heat record of 31.4 degrees in Armagh. Will it be beaten elsewhere though?
  2. Lovely big fluffy flakes of snow falling, pity it isn’t sticking!
  3. I knew you would win the competition Sperrin, unfortunately precipitation mostly fizzled by the time got here so not much need for a ruler just yet!
  4. We should have a competition, see who gets the deepest snow. Out with a ruler tomorrow, take a pic and post on here. My money’s on Sperrin
  5. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, they’re forecasting 1-4cm widely on Metoffice, so most of us won’t have the snowmaggedon we’re hoping for!
  6. Good luck to them, surely one of the most snow starved areas of Ireland!
  7. Eye candy, hopefully won’t change again tonight though!
  8. Looks like Malin in Donegal is getting heaviest precipitation tonight so far!
  9. Yes very frustrating, I’ve been watching those showers pass me by to the north, would definitely have received a covering from that!
  10. Looks like County Louth and North Meath is getting continuous snow showers now, anyone live that direction?
  11. Any more knowledgeable posters able to explain why Leinster and the east coast aren’t expected to get anywhere near the amounts of snow as during the last beast in 2018?
  12. The blue shows heavy snow on those maps. yeah I know Ronan but at the moment that’s our best chance of heavy snow away from the East coast at the minute in my very humble opinion
  13. My heads fried, just spent 30 minutes in the model thread. Cherry picked a couple of slides from it for eye candy. Still nothing clear for the end of next week though!
  14. I like your optimism guys, just not feeling it though. Think I’ll need to keep out of the thread next week, I think the jealously will kill me!
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