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  1. This is far more frequent than forecast, been snowing on and off all morning, even slight covering at sea front.
  2. Nice covering outside at the moment, I kept getting up middle of the night to check, it was white a number of times but keeps melting. Hopefully last now!
  3. What a horrible wet night, no hint of snow here!
  4. New metoffice warning for Monday looks good
  5. Weather warning for Sunday not very positive!
  6. I’d say that’s only because it has been extended further south into England
  7. Lovely crisp morning, mind you only 2cm’s of snow, I demanded 2 foot
  8. Jesus so much agro in here tonight!
  9. Looks pretty marginal in the east also!
  10. Yes to snow in February No in March, looking forward to spring then
  11. They’re like kids, getting excited about charts for at least a week in advance, when possibly a day previously they showed something completely different. Its called Fantasy Land for a reason, take the rough with the smooth and enjoy whatever comes our way
  12. Always is with easterly’s. but still chance of cold air from NW
  13. Snowageddan heading your way going by the radar
  14. Kids so excited, snow day, no school!
  15. Boom!! Snowing heavily ground all white again and radar's looking good. Signing out for the night guys hope everyone does well by the morning
  16. Well that blob that fizzled out actually managed to leave a light covering. Its so cold it stuck, next one looks good. Once these showers pick up later on I think we'll all do well out of this
  17. The Watcher, he appears very occasionally under a slightly different name
  18. OMG I cant believe how much that has faded, it was heading straight for me!
  19. Yeah I think it will be 45mins to an hour before it reaches here, hopefully doesn't fizzle out!
  20. Don't be silly Smithy of course i'm delighted you're back, just don't get so stressed out about the weather. I'm sure some us especially those close to the coast lie me niss out on the snow more often than you do it. It's just that much sweater when you strike it lucky!
  21. Been tracking this blob off the north coast for the past hour, think its going to miss though!
  22. Hopefully third time lucky frostyjoe can stay a bit longer
  23. Beep forecast not encouraging, just talking about sleet and snow on the hills
  24. Looking forward to tonight, hope it’s a pasting like Tuesday
  25. Met Office text update sounds reasonably good for tonight