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  1. Looks like a band of heavy showers could be heading our way from the west coast of Scotland and a streamer heading to Dublin!
  2. Ok it’s started here, light dusting in last shower, hopefully accumulations for the next 5 days!
  3. Oh no I’ve started it already, radar watching!!! Ill be so busy checking the computer I’ll miss any snow that actually falls, and there goes any other work for the next 5 days!
  4. Heavy shower activity showing, wasn’t expecting that
  5. It’s high impact but low risk so they can still remove it
  6. Glad that’s just for fun as it gives nothing along north coast
  7. I can’t tell but was the 12z ecm good or bad for us?
  8. Assuming American dating therefore 5th March
  9. Smaller area in warning zone for Thursday Friday so I’m just outside it. Hope the computerised meto symbols are correct they’re giving heavy snow all day Friday now. Is low forecast much further north now?
  10. You better not show that in the mod thread, zilch in the south east
  11. Did the south coast of Ireland not mostly miss out on the 2010 event. This looks exceptionally bad for cork and Waterford
  12. First mention of accumulations on meto for Tuesday. Warnings will appear for later in the week come Saturday and Sunday surely
  13. Metoffice forecast for the week, showers start of week then potential low pushing near end of week. Very positive. The 18z gfs mad snowfall amounts showing, Rochy would be buried!!
  14. https://www.facebook.com/northernirelandweather/videos/1642563255823999/?t=256 Looks good
  15. Yeah I’m worried with all this talk, you guys will jinx it. The snow still out in fl, in the reliable the forecast is still dry
  16. Quickly goes south though, but will change on next run
  17. My god 18z has -15 uppers hitting next Wednesday, another upgrade
  18. Cold and dry is my normal experience with easterlies but maybe this will be different
  19. Yes unbelievable really, forget spring!
  20. ECM joins in the fun and the MOD thread is going crazy!!! Looks really cold
  21. Amazing Ronan definitely on the bucket list!
  22. Great Rochey, I really can’t be bothered with MOD thread anymore so thanks for the summary
  23. Lovely fresh snow this morning, another couple of inches. God knows how much you guys got out West, because a lot of showers were fizzling out by the time they reached here! Any decent snow chances this week?
  24. Tbh northerlies are awful imby. Wind off the sea gives rain here on the coast and everywhere else gets snow. Westerlies so much better, I’ve lost count of the number of days with lying snow here this year. Always marginal though!
  25. Looks like snowmageddon is about to hit here in the next 10 minutes