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  1. Lovely waking up to a 'chill' this morning. It felt really fresh.
  2. Was very wet in the Peak district today, thank god for pubs!
  3. Off to Kinder Scout today. Think it's going to be a wet one!
  4. Yeah, it's weird. In autumn/winter i feel more energetic and my mood also picks up.
  5. Love autumn and winter threads. Here's to a cool, frosty, foggy autumn! Not long now
  6. It's been a very nice day here today. 17c and a 'howling' wind. Not bad at all for the first day of July.
  7. Quite a nice morning. Cool and not too bright Soon be back on the way to dark nights
  8. I like the birds singing. It doesn't bother me at all, but there's nothing worse than waking up to sunlight. Cold,dark mornings and early dark nights are bliss..
  9. Pretty much a perfect June for me at the moment, weather wise.
  10. Worst weather type for me is warm/hot and settled. It bores me.
  11. Lets hope we can get some cold in March and April. No need for this warm weather just yet!
  12. Had the best snowfall since 2010 in my area, much better than spring 2013 in which we had no snowfall but was much touted across the country. There is still some snow out there today so i am happy that this winter has delivered for me, personally. I don't expect much.
  13. Wow.....what a sight to wake up to. Got about 3-4 inches here and still snowing!
  14. Hopefully a colder than average spring with some snow and ice that will lead into a below average temperature summer which will be cool and wet right through to autumn.
  15. Still 2-3 months to go mate, it's not over till it's over
  16. I live in South Manchester and I've had one or two. It's been pitiful.
  17. Haha, every year like clockwork lol. It's {hopefully) a long time until it gets warmer but it will get slowly lighter as it does every year, and then it'll get darker again, and then lighter again, and then darker again ad infinitum...
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