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    Winter=Gloomy Manchester. Summer=LV-426. Other=Azeroth
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    Cold, cold, cold and errrr......cold. I am, unashamedly, a cold fan.

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  1. Lovely waking up to a 'chill' this morning. It felt really fresh.
  2. Was very wet in the Peak district today, thank god for pubs!
  3. Off to Kinder Scout today. Think it's going to be a wet one!
  4. Yeah, it's weird. In autumn/winter i feel more energetic and my mood also picks up.
  5. Love autumn and winter threads. Here's to a cool, frosty, foggy autumn! Not long now
  6. It's been a very nice day here today. 17c and a 'howling' wind. Not bad at all for the first day of July.
  7. Quite a nice morning. Cool and not too bright Soon be back on the way to dark nights
  8. I like the birds singing. It doesn't bother me at all, but there's nothing worse than waking up to sunlight. Cold,dark mornings and early dark nights are bliss..
  9. Pretty much a perfect June for me at the moment, weather wise.
  10. Worst weather type for me is warm/hot and settled. It bores me.
  11. Lets hope we can get some cold in March and April. No need for this warm weather just yet!
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