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  1. The MAD thread are trying to write off winter already. But I think nature has more surprises for us. She ain't finished with the cold yet!
  2. Fergus has now tweeted that it will be a rain event! Talk about last minute! Can anyone discount this for the Bristol area? Confused . Com
  3. The magic word for next week is 'Potential'. Anticipate snow, but don't fall for the trap of 'expecting' it. Right now the rain seems to be turningto sleet and snow as per the radar. Winds picked up as well.
  4. Temp now 0.8. Maybe that 'blob' to the north will gives a sprinkling overnight?
  5. This cartoon sums up the winter so far...
  6. Been in bed all day with the flu. But this made me lol! When winter does hit, it's gonna hurt!
  7. Horrendous rain here and so, so dark! Feel sorry for all the school run kids and parents.
  8. BBC breakfast weather says there will be isolated showers in my area this morning. I loom oh of the window and it's chucking it down. Loads more in radar. Didn't they check the radar themselves? Supposed to be doing gardeningwork this am. Had to cancel yesterday!
  9. I feel sorry for the Severn Bridge half marathon runners today. Torrential rain and strong winds. At least they won't get overheated!
  10. We are off to Iceland for our summer holidays. It would be torture to go into the Med this year!
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