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  1. Still snowing near OXFORD Airport although looking at radar it might clear to the south west soon. Oxfordshire done well out of this!
  2. About 6cm this morning so a decent covering and still snowing a bit! ? I see it didn't get much further north in the end so better luck next time ?
  3. Yep it's still creeping north towards Coventry and starting to pivout westwards!
  4. Really coming down well here. Picking up too! Must be 2cm so far and radar looks like its going to deliver at least a couple of hours more. Pivoting around Bath?
  5. I'm in West Oxon and it's snowing quite nicely. Small dry flakes but doing the job! I always thought we were quite well placed for this although it looked touch and go earlier. ARPEGE and HIRLAM appear to have modelled this quite accurately
  6. Everyone should know by now, from years and years of model/radar watching that snow is notoriously difficult to pin down and while there can be disappointment there are often unexpected surprises too. The forecasts and or models haven't promised anything and to be fair have actually looked reasonably accurate so far despite the slight north/south alterations. Grab a beer, chill and see what unfolds ?
  7. Haha......i..... remember him........... But wasnt he called Bill......Farkin.....? lol
  8. For my area West Oxon, the Met Office weather forecast is now showing heavy snow from 19:00 to midnight. That is quite an upgrade on what it was saying earlier.
  9. i think you need to try and maintain good humour throughout these situations otherwise you'll have a meltdown! I fully expect the band of precip to split into two and divert either side of West Oxon thus piddling on the smug bonfire I lit after yesterdays model viewing lol
  10. Yes you are correct! The amber just sneaks into MetO SE region doesn't it. These maps are bloody confusing sometimes!
  11. For what its worth GFS seems to paint the best picture for this evenings fun and games. Met Office have plenty of warning out so that would suggest some unpredictability even at this late stage. Interestingly they say there is an Amber Warning for the SE however thats not reflected on their map. Odd!
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