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  1. 2300 Belmullet 47 gust 65 kts Mace Head 47 gust 61 kts Mace Head live wind
  2. ASCAT winds this tonight. The backbent occlusion has a sting in the tail for Connacht.
  3. Depressions will initially track parallel to the isobars in the warm sector, changing to parallel to the isobars just ahead of the warm front as the occlusion process takes place. This means a curve to the left (north), away from us. The Rosenbloom Rule states that rapidly-developing lows generally track to the left (north) of the model forecast track. Well this used to be the case, but I'm not sure if the latest updates have tackled this.
  4. Move along now, nothing to see here. Come back in January. I still fail to see where the evidence for optimism sprung from. Maybe people are beginning to subconsciously become brainwashed by the likes of Jimmy Maddman's ramblings, because of course he says doesn't use the models! ;-) ECM is king and has stuck to its guns. If I were a betting man I would go for a Rosenbloom northerly shift in the 27th's storm track. Too far north and too much modification for a proper snow event, apart from the north.
  5. Highest sustained 10-minute wind was reported at Sherkin Island some time between 0000-0100 on Friday morning. 27 m/s (54 knots/62 mph/97 km/h).
  6. Smithy, it was 70 mph full crosswind, which is no joke and is well beyond the limits of aircraft. Sustained winds touched 40 knots, which is also out of limits, especially for the Ryanairs (737-800s). Add to that a wet runway and these limits drop to even lower. It had been widely progged that winds would be least severe in the north. Just because you live there doesn't mean that what you get is what everyone else got. Try actually thinking next time before typing.
  7. 11.9 m significant wave height reported by the K2 buoy southwest of Kerry at 0600 this morning. This is the average of the biggest third of the waves, so some individual waves will have been bigger! Surf's up in Lahinch this morning, guys!
  8. Pressure drops by 1 hPa for every 8 m increase in altitude (roughly, in the lower troposphere - it's less higher up). The average ISA 850 hPa height is 1,450 m, with a surface pressure of 1,013.25 hPa. In very cold airmasses the pressure fall with height is greater because the air is denser and the pressure levela are spaced closer together, and vice versa for warm airmasses. In the case of low pressure (or depression, i.e. a depression in the pressure level surfaces through the lower atmosphere) all of the pressure levels are brought down towards the ground, so the 950 hPa level, which would
  9. Konstantinos, have a look at this excellent tutorial on polar lows. http://www.eumetrain.org/resources/mfc_2013_s9.html
  10. Mace Head, on the western Galway coast, reported max sustained winds of 32 m/s (72 mph) and a gust of 40 m/s (90 mph). 03963 164// /2530 10073 20049 39673 49700 57040 60142 87/// 333 10110 87/17 90710 91140 91232=
  11. Maximum sustained winds at Mace Head this evening were 32 m/s (62 kts/72 mph). Gust 40 m/s (78 kts/90 mph). 03963 164// /2530 10073 20049 39673 49700 57040 60142 87/// 333 10110 87/17 90710 91140 91232=
  12. It is a bone-chilling temperature alright, but let's not get carried away. This was at 14,000 ft, so our comparison of this temperature to the coldest recorded in say Siberia is a little misleading. If there were a 14,000-ft block of ice in the Arctic in the depths of solar night then we could be seeing similar temperatures there. Even Ojmjakon (2,600 ft) in northeastern Siberia has recorded -71.2 °C, and often gets to -60 °C in mid-winter. Raise that city, which is located in a similar hollow between mountains, a few more thousand feet and subject it to 24 hours of net cooling through a thi
  13. Even as far west as Donegal Airport, at sea-level on the NW coast of Ireland, reported 42 gust 66 knots at 06:18. SPECI EIDL 050616Z AUTO 26042G66KT 6000 +DZ SCT018 BKN024 OVC028 10/07 Q1014=
  14. South Uist Range is 50 gust 65 knots (58 gust 75 mph) at 0600, but with a gust of 77 knots (89 mph) in the last hour. AAXX 05064 03023 17543 /2950 10076 20039 39962 49967 55042 60082 723// 333 20060 3/005 70088 83/20 90710 91177 91065= Lerwick has fallen 15.4 hPa in 3 hours.
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