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  1. Finally starting to settle on roads and pavements near Watford. Is this likely to continue for a while yet?
  2. Is that all you think you’ll end up with? Seems you have a fair bit more waiting!!
  3. Steady light snow in Bushey, Herts for most of day - not amounted to anything significant. Last couple of hours seems to have intensified somewhat with a covering - although roads still clear. Is this likely to continue? How much could we end up with?
  4. Why is the very latest HIRLAM so much at odds with the other models?? The amount of snow forecast by it in the London area is wayyyy more than media forecast and the met! Is there an 18z Arpege/ Euro 4?
  5. Steve, do we have a chance of some heavy snow in Watford? Cheers
  6. Do you think we have a chance of some of the heavier snow in Watford? Thanks!
  7. MO 1300 update now showing heavy snow for a few hours this afternoon/evening for Watford where previously showed nothing. Is this an indication that track is more east than expected or is it just to be ignored on app/website? Thanks!
  8. Met Office morning forecast also showing nothing but patchy snow - looks like a significant downgrade!!!
  9. Thanks so much Malcolm!! Really appreciate your help
  10. Hi folks. Heading off to Chamonix on Friday for weekend (return late on Monday). Is the cold spell likely to have an impact in Chamonix? Are we likely to see any falling snow? Thanks so much!
  11. Good 10-12 cm in Watford - q impressive! Finally stopped after a good 9 hours or so
  12. Nick how long is this likely to continue? In Watford and have had a few hours snow now - wondering how much more to come? Cheers for all your tips and forecasts!
  13. Heavy snow in Watford - really building up now
  14. Watford - moderate snow currently. Started as snow earlier, then transitioned to sleet and back to snow now. Perhaps a cm or so lying. Could there be some significant totals does anyone think? Is the depth likely to increase over the morning? Thanks. Good luck to all!