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  1. Good 10-12 cm in Watford - q impressive! Finally stopped after a good 9 hours or so
  2. Nick how long is this likely to continue? In Watford and have had a few hours snow now - wondering how much more to come? Cheers for all your tips and forecasts!
  3. Heavy snow in Watford - really building up now
  4. Watford - moderate snow currently. Started as snow earlier, then transitioned to sleet and back to snow now. Perhaps a cm or so lying. Could there be some significant totals does anyone think? Is the depth likely to increase over the morning? Thanks. Good luck to all!
  5. Despite the warm temperatures and snow drought conditions in Val Thorens have been excellent. Colder for last couple of days so the artificial snow makers have been working hard! I must say, this is the place to be for those wanting to make a trip early in the season!
  6. Thanks guys! That's really so helpful. Will certainly try and post an update from the resort! Thanks again, much appreciated.
  7. Hi guys. Thanks for the updates. I am due to arrive in Val Thorens this Saturday until Tuesday. Bit concerned about lack of snow over past 2-3 weeks. Also, bit worried about mild temperatures. Is there any chance of an improvement to the short term forecast? Thanks so much