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  1. It hasn’t actually been that bad here, a couple hours of heavy rain, apart from that it’s been drizzly or light rain! We’re just on the edge of it looking at the radar throughout today. Edit: Just looked on wunderground and 8/9mm seems to be the general consensus for here
  2. Happy birthday @Nights King hope you had a good one On a side note, are you going skiing this year?!
  3. Make sure to keep the photos coming guys, they’re gold dust for us daaan sarf who are very much snow starved
  4. Whaaaaaa, I’m gutted I missed that all I got was hail
  5. Who told you it’s snowing in Taunton 👀 granted I’m not actually in Taunton at the moment but a bit outside we had a heavy hail shower, accompanied by thunder and lightning!!
  6. Met now got a yellow warning out for snow and ice for tonight! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/warnings/SW
  7. Lovely and frosty out there this morning, car thermometer still reading -0.5C 20 minutes ago! Roads very icy though, take care all.
  8. Weird drive home... went from very foggy when I left and 1C, made it out of the fog and dropped down to -1C, then slowly up to 3C as I neared the town centre and fell to 2C by the time I made it home. So looks like the fog hasn’t made it into the town centre yet but crazy temperature differences... -1 to 3C probably about 2 miles apart!!
  9. Happy birthday neighbour!! Sorry we couldn’t sort the weather for you
  10. Well considering met o were predicting a low of only 2/3C, waking up to a frost and the car thermometer showing -1C was a very nice ssurprise!! Love these sort of mornings
  11. Wow! Wasn't particularly windy during that rain/squall, but now it's passed the wind has picked up hugely!!