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  1. Merry Christmas all!! To be honest, considering how much rain we’ve had so far today and the rain band looks like pretty much stalling on us (albeit weakening) I’m very surprised there’s no weather warning out for flooding?!
  2. Not sure if anyone else noticed but we’ve had an earthquake around an hour ago here, magnitude 3.4!
  3. Car temperature gauge reading 1C but windscreen splatter test shows negative for any signs of sleet... so just plain old rain started here now ️
  4. It does... can see the tops of the clouds easily from Brownsea Island in Poole!
  5. Reviewing the stations across Taunton, looks like we ended with 25mm as the daily rain accumulation. A chunk of that coming in the thunderstorm about 3.45am which dropped 10-15mm (having looked at weather stations). Good for the gardens I guess
  6. I do see where you’re coming from but I feel they’re a bit damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If they had thunderstorm graphics for your location for the duration of the warning it would 100% be wrong. In my opinion I feel they’ve got the best of both worlds with the warning, a general warning to highlight the risk, then you’ve got location specific graphics to show what to expect in that exact location hour by hour. Best of luck for today anyway, I have no chance of anything really so hopefully some others get something decent... Do feel for Whaley Bridge though...
  7. The warning is there to highlight the risk of thunderstorms, which are outlined to be ‘scattered’ in the warning text. The most recent computer generated forecast doesn’t see any thunderstorms for your location, doesn’t mean you won’t get any. At the same time you may not get any, but if the risk is there and there will be some in the general area, the warning is there to highlight that. Otherwise they’d be updating the warning area every time a computer forecast comes out... not very practical as a warning system.
  8. A small level 1 issued by Estofex for the SW: “A level 1 was issued across SW UK mainly for tornadoes and severe convective wind gusts,”
  9. Not sure if this upload will work... hopefully! 1806004D-6396-4F2C-B300-8F4760B9F216.MP4
  10. Yep near constant flashes, it’s brilliant! As you say not overhead, so thunder is just a quiet near constant grumble in the distance, looks like the bottom of the cell may well come overhead
  11. Indeed. Also got an Estofex level 2 covering a large chunk of the region http://www.estofex.org/ edit: @matt111beat me to it!
  12. I’ve so far had sleet and more recently a few flakes blowing about in the wind... and I’m in the amber zone, I don’t hold out hope for anything unfortunately
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