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  1. Yes just been thinking that myself wondering where tf these showers were going to be coming from! Overcast/dull/grey/boring here for what seems like day 200
  2. The Met now have a yellow warning out for heavy showers for some parts of the region later today, lovely 🙃 though saying that I would like the extreme of 40mm in a couple hours as they state is possible!
  3. What sort of rainfall totals are we looking at for tomorrow then, Met O going for 8+ hours of heavy rain tomorrow (keeps chopping and changing), Wunderground is saying 24mm which is more than enough on sodden ground!!
  4. Haven’t been keeping up with the thread, but just come in to say the ground temperature is clearly dropping to around freezing now as all surfaces are freezing over where there’s been snow melt, should mean any snow later will easily but does mean there will be a layer of ice underneath!!
  5. Mad to think that whilst we’re sitting around 12C with sunny spells, in 24 hours time the temperature will be at 1C and won’t get above it the whole day! Good old British weather eh?
  6. Hmmm M4 northwards, now where have we heard that before?
  7. I think the Met nailed their warning to be honest, we’ve been under the rain since about 12 I think and we’re just on the edge of it for a good few hours, places to the west of me have been sat under the heavy rain all day so they must be saturated!
  8. Looking at stations around here it looks like we’re getting towards about half of that at around 20mm now, very wet out there
  9. Was wondering the same myself, looks impressive on the radar!
  10. Yellow rain warning out for some parts for tomorrow https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/warnings#?date=2018-03-14&id=d9d72cdc-320c-82b7-9864-1d9c9adaf858
  11. You’re lucky! All ground saturated, back lanes have started flooding, I’d imagine the River Tone is also rather higher than usual!
  12. I’m also here pretty much all year round, just don’t post so much the rest of the year. After the best snow event I’ve had in my life, about 17/18cm level in the end of powder snow with ice from the freezing rain on top, I’m happy with that for the winter, now I’m after some spring warmth and into some sunny summer weather and thunderstorms... We can but dream
  13. Yes! Still a surprising amount left around here, even on the sides of main roads. I’ve attached a picture of some snow left on the roof of an extension, so although it had drifted a bit it’s still limited as it is on the roof and was very open to being blown off!