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  1. I’ve so far had sleet and more recently a few flakes blowing about in the wind... 😴 and I’m in the amber zone, I don’t hold out hope for anything unfortunately 👎🏼
  2. Yes, such a sad sad loss........ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Just watched that (not that I take too much notice of Beeb nowadays as they use meteogroup) but they were quoting 5-10cm across some parts of SW England!
  4. You’re a bit of a negative nelly aren’t you, everywhere you post it’s all negative, that’s rubbish, not gonna happen etc etc, you’re in the wrong thread ma friend because we’re the crazy southwesterners who will stay positive even when we don’t get snow and the rest of the country does 😀
  5. Didn’t see this image make its way here, interesting IMBY from Euro 4 earlier 🤔
  6. Not holding out much hope as it stands at the moment. Pretty much no model shows any snow falling let alone lying for me now 😭 As ever I’ll be hopeful for a surprise but doesn’t look promising at the mo...
  7. Good shout from Leon, just read back the last couple pages and it’s just a load of crap, like Paul said in there, the ‘banter’ needs to be relaxed because it’s just monotonous, makes me want to not bother reading!!
  8. No worries, thanks for that though I’ll bare that in mind for future. Ended up having a short walk (compromised with the Mrs 😂) and walked up Beacon Batch. There was a bit of sleet mixed in with the rain confirmed by a windscreen splodge test on the way there and then had a minute long ice pellet/soft hail shower of some sort, but that was all I got to see. Great views nonetheless and would definitely be amazing on a clear summer day.
  9. As the radar suggests, definitely falling as snow on Dartmoor https://www.dartcom.co.uk/webcam
  10. Where would the best place to go if I went up there for a walk/to get good views/to see some snow today??
  11. Got 50mph gusts predicted for most of the day here tomorrow, no warning though which is odd, usually 45-50mph is the highest we get and that tends to be accompanied by a yellow warning from the Met.