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  1. As it’s quiet thought I’d share this mental video!
  2. Concur with both of you, hate to keep moaning but it is disappointing, much like you Bath, I didn’t expect a storm everyday but was very hopeful for at least one storm! Mapantz’ image he put in the Convective Thread sums up the hole of activity around our areas, Image credit to him
  3. What an uneventful breakdown of the heat! Had some moderate-heavy rain rain yesterday afternoon and back to grey overcast dull conditions now 😴 I don’t hold out hope for the coming days either to be honest. It’s so frustrating watching the same places get pummelled whilst the best we can do is watch some lightning that’s 40-50 miles away!!
  4. You’ve got to laugh, lots of heat over the past few days with no storms which led to today. Been cloudy all day and didn’t appear to reach the predicted temps and we’ve rounded it off with some moderate/heavy rain. Bit of a cooler breeze now that rain has passed over, inclined to firmly grasp my towel and throw it as far away as possible.
  5. Snap, watching lightning from what I assume is the cell over Exmoor, nothing showing on Blitz despite the regular flashing. edit: https://www.lightningmaps.org/# seem to be showing these ones (though they do quickly fade away on their map rather than staying which is strange)
  6. I’m amazed we’re yet to see a steric from the new cell by Taunton judging by the rapid development from the radar!
  7. Likewise, I’m probably 40 miles away but getting a decent (albeit fairly faint) light show from the IC lightning!
  8. A summary of the various thunderstorm/connective forecasts for today and their links; https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/convective https://www.estofex.org http://convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2020-08-10 https://www.severe-weather.eu/outlooks-day1/weather-forecast-europe-aug10th2020-mk/
  9. ? World record lightning - a single flash travels more than 700 km in Brasil WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU Record lightning flash: The longest lightning flash duration of 16 seconds in Argentina, the longest distance is set at more than 700 km across Brasil!
  10. What do we think to Estofex in here, from what I see they’re usually fairly accurate? http://www.estofex.org Lvl 1 for SW England, Wales and up into Ireland! Also, Convective weather have retracted their forecast ? — edit, I see they’ve reissued as per MeltedFlake’s post!
  11. Woke up yesterday, raining. Went to bed, raining. Woke up this morning, raining!! Looks like there were some short spells where the rain stopped overnight but pretty much a solid 24 hours of rain which seems to be fizzling now after around 60mm overall from the system.
  12. Just had a look at 5 stations across town; 58mm is the highest and 45mm the lowest readings. 3 out of the 5 are showing over 50mm... fair to say it’s been very very wet!! Good job it’s been so dry the last couple of months otherwise these sorts of totals could cause real issues!
  13. Checking stations across town, looks like we’ve had 40mm+ so far and currently belting down still as I type... doesn’t look like any let up soon either judging by the radar. Can’t remember the last 40mm+ day we’ve had, let alone the 50mm+ it’ll probably be by the end of the day.
  14. Nothing overhead here unfortunately, enough rain to wet the ground but that was about it. Quite comical looking on the radar to see how the cells always missed us and two of them actually grouped together over the northern side of the town by Kingston St Mary sort of area. Thunder heard and lightning seen however.
  15. Very angry looking cell on the radar west of Taunton. Seems to have been the case yesterday, just away from it they seem to be firing up, could this be elevation based?
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