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  1. My prediction for next week is cold and dry with overnight frost and occasional wintry showers in the east. All over by the following weekend. No snowmaggeddon or ice age... or 2010 though agreed it will be much colder than recently.
  2. Can anyone say is this an East only event? We got plenty of snow in 2010 but think I'm too far West for this one.....
  3. Not too sure what everyone's expecting here? Tomorrows forecast is snow SHOWERS there is no Snowmageddon!
  4. I really think once the band clears tonight it will only be showers and as I said before with the sunshine in between accumulations will be small for most tomorrow
  5. Plenty of precipitation possible on Sunday however mainly in the form of showers, which during daylight hours will be interspersed with spells of sunshine so I don't think there'll be much opportunity for any build up of lying snow unless you have height.
  6. Amazing considering the radar. Nothing here!
  7. I won't get too excited here in the West about tonight as I think the usual will happen in that the heavier precipitation goes through before temps drop. However Sunday looks good for all.
  8. Any idea if the showers will pep up again later or die out for the day?
  9. For me personally I prefer fast moving rain to slow moving rain!!
  10. Ok so maybe we should agree the furthest East didn't get much and neither did the furthest west so I need to move to somewhere hilly in the middle!!
  11. We're half the schools not closed a couple of weeks ago and pictures of cars getting stuck?
  12. In fairness along the border we've had pretty much nothing! Only hills in the west.
  13. Well not exactly ( my location is actually Newton Stewart rather than Omagh) and I tend to get whatever Donegal is forecast when it comes to this kind of weather. Seems to turn to snow as it gets further inland. Temps not quite low enough here, much like a repeat of a fortnight ago which I'm sure many will be pleased about further east!