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  1. snow chances tomorrow seem to be changing all the time. (Unless you look at the meto forecast!) looks like there could still be a chance for some. Definitely if you have altitude.
  2. Looking at the radar the Glenshane is the place to be!!!
  3. Yes at work in centre of Derry. Not Much precipitation to come according to met office forecast for this evening and tonight. But hey maybe we’ll get a surprise!
  4. Don’t see much happening for most this next couple of days unless you’re on high ground in west.
  5. Looking at met office forecast, not much more than a few showers over the next couple of days.
  6. Maybe being greedy now, but any idea on further snow accumulations this week? or will it be just showers or only at altitude?
  7. Does anyone think there’ll be any snow lying away from high ground by morning tomorrow or is it all to have washed away by then?
  8. Is it not cruel though that it’s going to dump snow in the middle of the night then wash it away by morning?!
  9. Pile of rubbish here. Just driven from near Omagh to Limavady and nothing but a bit of hail. Don’t see much change throughout the day either.... shame, rubbish winter continues.
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