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  1. For many yes....... but some of us have seen very little or no snow this winter so one more go wouldn't be too much to ask?! (So far I've been too far south... too far West... too far north...etc!!!!)
  2. Ok well I'll Say it then.... i guess that's that till next winter!!!!
  3. Showing pink on radar here but nothing falling.
  4. Met ie seem to be amending their warnings
  5. I think the issue is that some of the north west had seen nothing and according to the met office uk isn't expected to see anything. Just confusing and never seen such conflicting forecasts so not sure which to believe!
  6. Just to add to the met ie red warning debate. Is it not ridiculous to close schools in places that haven't seen a flake and aren't likely to see a flake. yes there is always a chance but maybe a yellow or even amber be prepared might be more suitable!
  7. Maybe met ie will downgrade warning based on latest forecast (particularly for Donegal) was a bit premature I think to call for everywhere to close down for two days!
  8. Mad really met ie has a red warning with snow ice and blizzards for the whole of Ireland. met office says a bit of heavy snow for south east of Ireland and the rest either occasional showers or completely dry!!
  9. Think the red warning from met ie a bit over the top. I've had work up here in the north west cancelled as a result.... won't be happy if I'm here this time tomorrow looking at the same starry sky as I am tonight!!
  10. I'm resigned to not getting any snow over the next couple of days. My main disappointment now is that the low temps are wasted. For once we get the low temps this far West but no sudden onslaught from the atlantic. Would have loved a quick blast from the west to finish off!
  11. oh well I'll enjoy everyone else's pics!
  12. But I'm not far from your location and my netweather forecast says 0% chance snow for Wed, Thur and Fri!
  13. Chances of seeing ANY snow diminishing rapidly now!
  14. Mmmm might get the grass cut today. Looks like I can carry on with Spring. Don't think I'll be heading to the shops to stock up on bread and milk anyway!!!