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  1. 3 days of yellow warnings on the met office now
  2. I wasn't trying to be awarkward with my BBC met office post..I understand this has been a very difficult event to forecast
  3. Why isn't any of this on any of the BBC or met office forecasts?
  4. About this storm..been in the mad thread and there are some big figures being quoted from wind speeds and so on.work keeping an eye on for sure
  5. So is it time to get a little excited then?
  6. Getting ready for the next snow chase now!!
  7. Same here..has been a very much nowcasting event.hope we all wake up to a good covering in the morning
  8. Hopefully it's a southwards correction...going down to the wire this
  9. Hopefully see some southward correction for Sunday so we can get in on the action
  10. Will be much happier when we get to tommorow evenings runs and then Saturdays. Been snow starved for to long now for it all to be a non event. Fingers crossed for all of us that we get some snow
  11. Could be an interesting few weeks coming up!not a bad start to winter at all!
  12. Completely agree with this.yes its going to be mild for a few days/week but there's signs of potential there for a cool down and maybe more. I'm staying positive til February lol
  13. Just got back from a 10k run tonight...was aboustley freezing to begin with anyway. On the cusp of something special this year I think
  14. Well its been an emotional topsy turvy ride in the mod thread the last few days....the trend is there though for something way better than the mild mush feat we endured last year!
  15. After a few toy throwing incidents and tantrums in the mod thread today this evening's run have got everybody back in the polar express frame of mind....I really hope we get lucky this year. Yes today has been awful and I hope nobody got flooded a month before christmas but at least after tonight it looks like we are going to have a week or so to dry out