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  1. St David's day 10k cancelled tomorrow due to flooding in bute park today
  2. Quicker we get out of this winter and into something drier the better. For those who may be lucky enough to have some snow enjoy it. Hopefully those affected by flooding won't suffer again this week too badly
  3. Would that be north or south? I agree that it would only make matters worse
  4. Bit of thunder and lightning in bargoed followed by what I believe to be that rare and much hunted snow........❄
  5. The weather has been a bit rough today to say the least. Hope everyone is ok and hasn't suffered any damage..anyone know when the worst of the winds are due to pass?seems that rain is going to pass through soon
  6. Models not producing what we would like to see (those of us who want cold and snow anyway)...will take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully the big man in the red suit will deliver some better model viewing soon!?❄?
  7. Musing in the mod thread over the past 24 hours *seems* to be pointing to a cold snap next weekend
  8. Well ...left college after teaching evening class and frosty the snowman has come to play! Nice covering here in bargoed, mainly grass and pavements. Lovely to see!❄❄❄
  9. You guys who are lucky enough to see the white stuff today enjoy it!photos please ❄?
  10. No expert but there seems to be something brewing in the model thread...not getting excited though...too many disappointments in the past ❄❄
  11. Had the pleasure of running in the chepstow stampede 10k today. The ground cannot take anymore rain..I may have been better of going for swim and might have finished drier. Here's looking forward to a nice couple of cool bright days and chilly nights!
  12. And it begins ❄❄? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9887058/uk-weather-forecast-coldest-winter-years/
  13. Today simply summed up as wet....roll on the hunt for snow ??????
  14. When's the next round forecast for then?day off today, coleg cym oedd shut across all sites!
  15. Street is now covered.a few hours of this now would be nice. Well done to all for making this a fun thread today.stress,calm heads,photo's and a good general happy atmosphere make this thread a fun and nice place to visit!
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