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  1. When's the next round forecast for then?day off today, coleg cym oedd shut across all sites!
  2. Street is now covered.a few hours of this now would be nice. Well done to all for making this a fun thread today.stress,calm heads,photo's and a good general happy atmosphere make this thread a fun and nice place to visit!
  3. Just the inconvenience the Amber warning caused.schools closing early,parents leaving work early and so on...however if it hadn't have been issued and it had arrived we would have been questioning why it wasn't
  4. BBC Wales trying to make dowlais top look much more dramatic than what it is
  5. Hmmmm....just maybe this will be a non event tonight. Hope not but there is a real possibility it could be
  6. Nearly stopped here, gone very light and fine
  7. Plenty of time and movement left to come on this...have waited since March for snow,can wait a few more hours
  8. Amber warning to be issued today do we think?
  9. Exactly..as was my point....hasn't delivered yet
  10. This winter promised so much but has yet to deliver
  11. Need to travel from the rhondda over to aberdare today about 3pm...normal route is up over the top and down into aberdare...anybody know how bad it is up there?
  12. Left bargoed at 7.30 this morning and it was sleet, drove to the Rhondda and it's just wet but looking up towards the bwlch and there is snow settling there.maybe that's the snowline today?
  13. Well Derek....interesting forecast there. Not much snow,maybe 4 inches in places,maybe sleet,Thursday looks snowy but not sure yet
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