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  1. i hope not....i have the newport half this weekend.it was cancelled because of beast number 1!!!
  2. goodbye winter 2017/2018..it's been emotional
  3. Been sat in the pub for 4 hours watching the snow...it's bizarre.it seems to build up and then disappear.quite outstanding to be honest
  4. Drove to Bridgend,was starting to stick on parts of the m4..nothing heavy but enough to persuade me to turn round in the car park and come home. Caerphilly to ystrad mynach bypass was starting to turn white about an hour ago.this is going to be a good day
  5. BBC national weather...unbelievable.we could have the same accumulations in parts in Scotland but they skipped Thursday almost and went to Friday 🤣🤣
  6. why i cant i find the models anywhere?
  7. deep breaths everyone
  8. Almost all schools across the Caerphilly Borough are closed thus and fri
  9. red warnings out in scotland...not much relevance to us but they are being issued!
  10. im the same....i think the bbc since they have stopped using the met office have completely changed their website and so on..im sticking with the met office.always have. still dont know if i should make the journey in tomorrow morning or need.long way back from bridgend if i do come in and mamangment today are saying if you come in there is a chance that you may have to stay if it snows to cover others
  11. think we could be looking at red warnings later today going on those charts that @andymusic just posted. And dont apologise for speaking so highly about your dad butty, we all need to release now and again
  12. 10k run in -3 conditions...frozen pavements and a proper cold wind.cant wait for Thursday to be here.would anybody recommend I drive to Bridgend at 6 am and then try and get back to bargoed at 6 pm?
  13. good news for some of us this..could lead to lower levels seeing snowfall
  14. This could a nasty mix...snow, freezing rain and maybe back to snow!
  15. Understandable that people are keen to wind the clock forward 24 hours to see what happens. I agree that patience is key now, we cannot change what is or what is not coming. maybe sometimes model watching is the worst thing we can do.i can remember as a kid waking up and seeing a covering of snow everywhere, best feeling in the world and that was without the constant will it wont it snow chances of net weather