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  1. This definitely looks to be pepping up over London. The next three frames will be very telling...
  2. Unless the trajectory changes quite significantly or it simply runs out of steam it would seem that even Coventry might get an inch or so out of this. Realistically the experienced forum commentators have been calling this very much a 'nowcast' situation from day one. I'm starting to think they're right. I always put my faith into the Met Office on these things but they've been incredibly poor over the last 24 hours. It took them 4 hours to acknowledge any light showers in Coventry this morning despite non-stop light snow from 7am!
  3. I don't see this panning out that well for Coventry. The Met nailed it last time and this time they're moving it South....
  4. An hour ago I couldn't work out how Coventry/Solihull were forecast more as it looked like it was falling apart. Now we seem to have two separate systems aimed right at us from the West and North! Incredible stuff, particuarly given the large amount heading over from Ireland for later too.
  5. Are we done in Coventry now? The front seems to be quickly decaying however it's forecast as only a brief interlude. I can't see it suddenly reforming or shifting to central England...
  6. I'm about to drive to the Skydome. Apparently the roads are brutal but I'll let you know if I make it!
  7. This may seem daft, but the odds on schools being closed in Coventry on Monday? Hosting an event for over a thousand people. To lose it would be expensive but of schools shut I'll have no choice. Is Coventry nailed on for disruptive levels?
  8. Thanks for this. I was six years old yet I remember it vividly. Bearing in mind that was my first memorable snowfall I spent the rest of my childhood thinking that was standard snow depths! We lived in a cul-de-sac and all the kids in the street built igloos and snow forts in the open end of the road. It was probably the happiest moment of my childhood - absolutely brilliant fun which lasted for days. At age six with snow at your waist you can't really ask for much more!
  9. I've a question for those familiar with this kind of low. I've heard a few saying it gets over cooked by GFS and tends to swing South compared to what the models show at this stage. I'm hosting an event on Monday in Coventry. Disruptive snow on Sunday/Monday would cost a five figure sum (by disruptive read 'closed schools'). Should I be worried or are we confident it'll be a fairly minor event? This is the first time I've prayed to be out the way of these systems and I feel dirty!
  10. Very interesting watching the radar. The pivot is gradually combining heavy precip to the NW and SW to pull it into an intense point. In about 3 hours the precip from Ireland will join it. I'm praying for a nudge SE and favourable uppers to cover Coventry. This will really dump between midnight-2am ish at this rate.
  11. Which way are we looking for snow? The band from the North to pivot, the huge band from the West to move in later tonight or the stream of heavy precip snaking from the South?
  12. I must add that it really seems to be picking up in intensity. If it does head this way, someone is getting a dumping!
  13. If that doesn't start to pivot then stall, we might all need to visit the Scotland thread! That's heading North rapidly...
  14. Curious about the wording of the MetO warning. It appears they suspect it may stall - am I right in reading it that way? I hope so as otherwise I can't see my area getting more than a dusting!
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