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  1. Very windy all of sudden on Isle of Wight again can't remember any winter like this before flooded roads again on the island not much fun bein a postman ! Will Saturdays storm be as bad as today or worse ?
  2. Any more rain for ryde tonight wind still horrendous gonna be big problems in the morning
  3. Wind gusting stronger for ryde now again will it get any worse or is it that it on the wind front ?
  4. Heavy rain and relentless wind here on Isle of Wight not a good nite to be out some minor flooding take care out there
  5. Any trees down on Isle of Wight doubt it seems a bit of a none event plenty of rain though !
  6. Will the Isle of Wight be bad sun / mon not really had a big storm since I moved here 6 yrs ago ?
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