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  1. It's stopped now down in bexhill, I do want more but my boiler has packed in ? so can't wait for it to warm a little
  2. Been snowing on and off for a couple of hours, nice covering again same as last night, hopefully I wake to be snowed in tomorrow??
  3. It is.. I will send the dogs out in the garden see if they come back with flakes on them ?
  4. I've just got up to look out of the window but the street lights have gone off now so annoying
  5. Nice covering down on the coast in Bexhill on sea ?? Don't you hate it when someone walks on your nicely laid snow
  6. I dont like the words"away from the coast"!! Met office popping off every 10mins.
  7. Do hope it gets here to me ! Matchsticks in eyes :-) luckily for me i have a security cam that i can view on my phone so i can hopefully watch the snow flakes fall from the comfort of my bed.
  8. When i see met office warnings i want to see settling snow, think they are teasing me a little haha. will it snow down here on the coast i wounder.? :-)
  9. Just had another look just incase my eyes were playing games but its still there, suppose its a wait and see game.MO had a few snow symbols for my area last week but then went to rain again :-)
  10. 0800 hrs MO app has a snow symbol whooo lol it will be gone soon im sure:-)
  11. Ok thanks guy's dont want to be in the mix now, tho it would be nice to see a flake down here even if there is rain aswell.:-)
  12. Whats a mixing zone cause im in it , whatever it is sounds good lol :-)
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