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  1. has rained all day, not heavy but steady. have managed 19mm today so far. 43mm for the weekend.
  2. Hit the dizzy heights of 11.3c today. i must admit when i took the dog for a walk this morning the 5.2c and strong wind made it perishingly cold, however in a few places, in the sunshine and out of the wind, it was quite pleseant.
  3. Started raining here just after 9 and has pretty much rained the rest of the day including now. Mostly drizzle but 8.8mm so far. The 33c of Last Wednesday seems such a long time ago.
  4. Been drizzle and slightly heavier bursts all morning. Sill humid and 19c
  5. More rumbles of thunder but the radar doesn’t seem to show anything close.
  6. I notice the m25 at junction 7 and m23 similarly both have 3 lanes closed due to flooding.
  7. The heavens have finally opened as a storm rages overhead. Rain sweeping in the rate enough for my weather station to say it’s raining cats a dogs. At least I won’t have to water the Veg’s tonight.
  8. We had a couple of spots of rain, probably not enough to wet the back of a postage stamp ( when you had to lick them), which shows how local these storms can be. Very dark now though and lots of thunder rumbling overhead, but no breeze or precipitation yet.
  9. Mostly inter cloud lightening that is hardly visible except for one fork lightening over to my west possible near Chipstead. Still no rain yet but very humid and lots of thunder.
  10. I’m in coulsdon and haven’t got the rain yet but it can’t be far away then.
  11. Cloud has rapidly bubbled up and now thundering about every 10 seconds for the last few mins. No rain yet.
  12. A very grey, murky and humid morning. Very little mizzle in the air. Currently 20.1c
  13. I can see all the action to my west and north but here in coulsdon it’s just very warm and humid. It looks like the storms are trundling up the a217 .
  14. Definitely feels stormy, the humidity has shot up and the breeze has risen. It is great watching the clouds develop so quickly
  15. Several rumbles now . Thunderheads developing very quickly. It looks like Sutton is in the firing line.
  16. Up to 32.3c now but a few more high level clouds around now, but not of the rain bearing type.
  17. Well we have reached 30c at 11.05 today. Not a cloud in the sky either, so just another hot summers day. ☀️
  18. Well looks like we might be on to beat yesterday’s high. Currently at 32.3c and not a cloud in the sky .
  19. Currently a sweltering 34.3c in Coulsdon and not a cloud in sight.
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