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  1. first taste of autumn this morning. nice and frosty on the grass but clear skies at sunrise and a low of -1.7c
  2. Really blowing out there. Ow and the rain is lashing down almost horizontally. Just saw someone go by failing miserably to try and keep an umbrella up. 34mm so far today.
  3. Definately a day of showers both here in Coulsdon and also up in town. Currently we have had 24.6mm today.
  4. I've a feeling that although we didn't break the hottest day time temperature yesterday, it might have been the warmest night time one.
  5. I m in Roehampton and its 22:30 and 29.7c . Is this the uk. Classic fork lightening at 6pm and rain and it evaporated in 35 mins .
  6. Just popped outside in city of London. Blue sky and it's roasting, you can feel the heat off the pavement and the tarmac is getting a bit squidgy. Temp on one building shows 36.7c
  7. Well today could be a record breaking day temperature wise and I've a feeling that a new record will be set. Left for work at 6:45 and temperature already 26.2c here in Coulsdon and a warm wind with that as well. Hope everyone gets to enjoy the day, after all this is the UK so we know these extremes will not be around for too long, and by Saturday it will seem like a long time ago it happened.
  8. Quite unusual to say it’s 8:30 in the evening and the temp is still 29.7c
  9. Met office currently predicting 35c for Kenley )Surrey) ,which is the closest station ( it’s about 2 miles from me), on Thursday. In the 23 years I’ve lived in the area I’ve never seen anything above 32c forecast, so it must be exceptional. I think the cricket match I’m playing in after work is going to be a warm one. I’ll leave the jumper at home
  10. i'm going for 39.7C in West London & Gravesend on Thursday
  11. Well we've broken the 30c barrier. Currently 30.7c and rising
  12. I an sure this will be a toasty day today. 10am and it's currently 26.2c in coulsdon.
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