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  1. Left work at 6 and it was on page 217 and now it's page 242 . Just hope when I look it's positive posts and it's not all gone pear shaped. Time to catch up .....
  2. There's a good deal of agreement with the models this morning and looks like we might be in for some exciting times coming up. Croydon council have even cleaned all the streetlights in anticipation
  3. Very frosty morning here in Coulsdon. -4.8c when I left the house and some slippery paths on way to station . So take it easy if your setting out.
  4. Sleety rain turning more to snow now.
  5. Sleety rain here at the moment. The fist signs of winter
  6. First rumble of thunder here in the city of london
  7. Still 28c in central Croydon ! Quite amazing
  8. Finished a great friendly cricket match at2110 in Barnes at 25c On train to east croydon and only 24. 8 c now. An uncomfortable night in south London tonight I think
  9. Blue sky and late evening sunshine here in Coulsdon. Very muggy though.
  10. Real-time lightening showing 200+ strikes a minute in sout East
  11. Wow this is intense. So much fork lightening it' amazing
  12. It' like being at a 1970s disco. Almost strobe lightening. No rain hear though it' just to East and North of us
  13. snowing heavily now and settling on roads and pavements
  14. heavy snow now, slightly heavier than yesterday morning. areas that were snow free are showing signs of it settling.
  15. just started to snow lightly in Coulsdon