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  1. After almost getting blown over walking along the beach front I can confirm...it's windy.
  2. Maybe Netweather are playing with us for being too involved in all this
  3. I'm in this clear space with 0ppn according to the radar but it's heavy snow on the ground.
  4. Similar to last night the radar doesn't seem to compare to what's happening. I'm under the lightest of blues and it's 5/10.
  5. Looks like the band that's over me right now is heading your way and it's certainly snow at the moment!
  6. 6/10 here and wasn't expecting anything today. 1c though so that needs to drop to settle on the melted snow.
  7. Been sat here on the forum & models trying to work out when it will snow again...look out the window by accident and it's snowing.
  8. I went up to Butser Hill which is the high point around here where they've closed the car park without telling anyone so it's a load of cars on a single track road with no room to park or turn around even though they must know everyone will head there to sledge. Staggering stupidity.
  9. My guess would be 2cm here so pretty much spot on predictions but just happy to see everything white. Off for a walk then really I should get back to work instead of looking at models.
  10. Confused by the radar....earlier it said snow, got none. Now I’m in a clear patch and it’s heavier than ever. Maybe I don’t live where I think I do
  11. Strangely we got the most snow where it was light blue on the radar... Waiting for a dark blob now to see what that brings
  12. I was feeling as hopeless as you 30mins ago but it's not over yet
  13. Coming downs finely but realiably here on the western flank. My guess would be 1cm by morning but just nice to see everything white.
  14. Small bit of caution that the PPN is really dying off fast at the moment and I’m not far from the coast. Hoping some stronger bands come through.
  15. Yup, we didn't get anything in the light band, only when the heavy hit so don't fear
  16. I get the "still at sea" comments but it won't be later when it's colder?
  17. What am I missing that the red box ppn is a amber warning but the blue box isn't? Looks bigger and heavier.
  18. Small upgrade on the GFSP 12Z in terms of the back edge staying as snow.
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