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  1. Sad drive from Wales where it was 2.5c to South Hampshire where it's 5.5c and raining 😞 Hopefully these temps drop before the rain clears totally...such a waste.
  2. Frustrating that what looked like some widespread snow is once again a marginal affair, particularly when it will be cold enough and has been raining constantly for months and has now decided to stop...just when it's cold enough However, it does make things a little more exciting if something does show up, so every cloud (hopefully has snow).
  3. Sounds about right, appreciate the thoughts. One thing we have here is some height which might help Saturday night as the band passes through, we got a decent amount the other week when it was rain lower down but it melted quickly. I agree with you otherwise that it's a bit of a lottery as the week goes on, might get lucky. Good luck!
  4. Absolutely...I just meant if we forget to look out of the window too we will miss the snow 😂
  5. They are looking toward the middle of next week, next few days still look good. Even next week it such an unusual system for the models to deal with it's still up for grabs. Now's the time to enjoy the next few days unless model watching is really your thing.
  6. ICON +93h making Sunday a decent event again for the central belt even into London. Matches BBC earlier in the day whereas GFS 6z didn't have it this far west. Let's see what the 12z has to say..
  7. After almost getting blown over walking along the beach front I can confirm...it's windy.
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