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  1. It did kick off on the SE thread last night so I have no trouble believing that it's lovelier over here
  2. You're right by me but I've been posting in the SE thread...are there many S.Hampshire folk on this one?
  3. Went to sleep while we were under a blob and it didn’t disappoint. Plenty here and still snowing. Hoping after the negativity and fall outs last night that everyone has theirs!
  4. Finallly coming down and settling nicely here. My lamp post is earning its keep.
  5. I agree it's frustrating when it's so cold, the clouds so heavy but not much falling. However we are only 12 hours into a 48 hour event so too early to get upset. At least we have interesting weather with lots of potential, the alternative is miserable mildish greyness.
  6. Sucks to be in the SW of our region, we get all the fun after everyone else but optimistic we will get something. If only this was true...
  7. Exactly my thinking. Maybe all too scared of getting banned before the big event.
  8. *Resists schoolboy humour on the shape of the warning*
  9. GFS precipitation type has a lot of our region under snow for 30 hours. Clearly it won't be totally accurate but surely lots to be optimistic about. Our main snow last time came from something that wasn't forecast.
  10. Back to radar blob watching it is then.
  11. Still can't get over how bad this new BBC map is. There is more of mainland Europe on the screen than the UK!
  12. Still some snow hanging around here, no idea how when it feels so much milder. Looks like we have a week or two of rain, maybe the odd interesting storm then a possible cold patch. Spring on hold.
  13. Since when has a Fl snow forecast failed to happen /sarcasm