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  1. A soggy good morning all. Hopefully this rain will clear up somewhen today. No sleet/snow here, looks from the radar that's mostly over Wales and North of Oxford. Maybe some over the Moors. Just had a quick flick through the models and there is still no agreement on the track of low pressure over the weekend and as a consequence, what temperatures/weather type we will get. Maybe the 12z runs will finally agree but for now I'll stick with the analysis i did yesterday I think!
  2. Certainly was, but dropped it on the 0z run, whos to say it wont bring it back again !
  3. So the chopping and changing of the models continues today with varying solutions over the next few days. Still, a likelihood of some wintriness tomorrow, probably sleet and wet snow for many as shown on the NW short range model: I note though that our favourite short ranger of late, the HIRLAM doesn't show any snow at all for our region. As for the Easter weekend, with low pressure either over the SW or nearby, Friday/Saturday is likely to be wet, breezy and pretty miserable. I wouldn't be surprised to see some wintriness as temps are going to be below average. Sunday looks like we might be in between two LP systems so maybe the dryer day, Monday sees another LP moving in with more wet weather, could be some more wintriness as temperatures have dropped away Sunday night. As for the following week, seems as though the models are sniffing out a colder pattern again with a northerly setting up for a few days. The GFS 6z has flipped to this from a milder solution and the overnight ECM hinted at this I think. Cold enough for some more widespread snow it seems as well:
  4. So, even now there's still uncertainty regarding this week (from Weds onwards). With the way it's trending, I'm still not going to put my hat, scarf and gloves away just yet!
  5. I think I'll still keep my hat, scarf and gloves handy. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how the weather is going to pan out even as soon as Weds/Thurs next week in my view. You've only got to look at the latest ICON run to see that:
  6. Yep, looks like for us down south, the likelihood of an Easter cold, snowy spell has all but disappeared on the main models this evening. Still time for it to change of course but that's how it looks right now. I wouldn't have minded if it was exchanged for some lovely springlike and sunny weather but that looks in short supply unfortunately
  7. EDIT no 2. - looks like the GFS also takes the LP SE eventually and brings in cold and snow for Easter Monday, although its fairly short lived.
  8. As the beginning of Easter comes into range of the UKMO, looks to me that the recurring theme (at the moment anyway!) is very much how I posted yesterday: UKMO, GFS and ICON for Thursday 29th have that LP anchored to the West/South West of us feeding up increasingly milder air. Unfortunately, I would imagine this means mild, damp and drab weather for us over Easter. Yuk! The ECM may still keep its colder evolution later but if it does, it's looking increasingly isolated! EDIT: I missed out the GEM which although looking very similar on the 29th actually moves the low SE allowing cold and snow to spread in on Easter Sunday
  9. I am not sure where this is going right now. The latest snow depth chart from the ECM for Good Friday suggests some fairly significant snowfall, in the North of our region and over high ground further south. Still a long way to go before the run-up to Easter and Easter itself is pinned down.
  10. Where there does seem to some agreement currently is that come Good Friday, we could well be under the influence of a low-pressure system out to the west or south west of us, with a resulting breeze coming roughly from a southerly direction:
  11. Just to illustrate the big differences currently in the models, 144hr charts from UKMO, GFS, ICON and GEM 12z runs:
  12. There are so many options on the table for Easter at the moment I'm just going to refrain from posting any more snapshots of model runs until some agreement is reached! At least I'll try to stop myself anyway...
  13. Well the pub run has excelled itself again: Rain to snow on Thurs 29th: Snow to rain on Sat 31st: Turning back to snow on Sunday 1st And then snow somewhere in our region pretty much every day through to Friday 6th including a nationwide snow event on Tues 3rd (which carries on into Weds 4th):
  14. Lots of different evolutions now for Easter (in fact as Karlos1983 mentions differences even before then), so I would say a cold, snowy spell is still very much a possibility but not so much as it was looking like this morning! Will be interesting to see what the ECM does later. This is obviously going to chop and change a lot over the coming days.