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  1. What an interesting read. Thanks David. Now stop distracting me with fascinating posts so I can also get some work done 😀 WW
  2. With the ECM and GFS sort of similar at 240hrs, it looks possible to me the ECM could also go the same way in bringing in a northerly for Easter weekend. I'm hoping if there is snow it's after the 30th March as I'm travelling to Derby and back that day!
  3. That's something unusual for us - no snow anywhere showing up on the radar
  4. I built a snowman for the grandkids in a nice shady part of the garden, hopefully, it will last a bit longer that way
  5. Thanks. Looks like the updated model is the WMR-89 (or at least that's the one Mendip sell) so will go for that one. Just under £100 too so a bargain!
  6. Not sure but it might have been too cloudy this morning to get a decent shot and a lot of the snow has melted around here now. However, pulled this off the NW radar (1st image) with the latest visible satellite image loaded and I think the whiter areas are where there is currently still snow. The 2nd pic is a zoomed in satellite image from Meteociel. Looks like theres a lot of cloud over SE England so is difficult to make what is snow and what is cloud. Not very clear I know, hopefully someone can find something better!
  7. Just started looking for a weather station to replace my rather limited temperature/humidity remote sensor. EllyTech mentioned a local AWS but that seems to be just the generic type of thing to look for as far as I can see with a quick search, anyone have a recommendation for specific models/makes to look at? TIA
  8. Some excellent analysis and reporting from all over the past few days, great regional thread to be a part of unlike some others it seems! Glad everyone seems to have got at least some snow, managed around 14cm overall here I think when I measured it on top of the wheelie bin this morning! Temps here up to +3degC now and snow is rapidly melting off roads and cars etc although not much sunshine yet to melt it on the grass. Some great snow drifts on my walk with the dog this morning from the extra snow last night and laying stuff blowing around. Will post some pictures once my phone line is fixed. Its been down all weekend so have been burning through my mobile data rather too much!
  9. Looks like our snowfall will soon come to an end here for this cold snap. Will still be time for a crisp snowy walk with the dog in the the morning though! So for me, I will be watching closely to see if the next opportunity being played with by the models for Easter weekend starts firming up, particularly as I have to drive up country!
  10. Quite a line of cloud trailing back across to the East which hopefully will feed our snow machine this evening:
  11. Snow cover beginning to melt on cars and roads etc. now with temps at +0.5degC
  12. The wind has really started gusting strongly here, the lying snow is blowing around into a mini blizzard!
  13. Just been out with the ruler and there's a level 11cm on top of the cars, I think that beats what we had last time and is certainly at the top end of what I was expecting out of the mini Beast 😀 Stay safe you guys under the heavy stuff moving across.