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  1. Just up the road from me! A friend up on the moors has just told me that heavy snow has hit the moors and the roads are closed.
  2. Just had the most incredible hail shower here. The temperature dropped 0.7c in a few minutes and its completely white outside now!
  3. Fair play to you! Its a really nice area to live if you choose to live there. Dousland is very nice. The missus is a Plymouth girl so it was just to far out of the way for her! Just had Thunder, Lightening and a heavy hail shower. That will do!
  4. Dartmouth is fantastic, you will have a great time! I moved because firstly the wife hated it up there with a passion. Too remote and "villagey" etc, and also I had the opportunity to move down to Plympton Fire Station with the Fire Service which is much busier. So I took it! I miss giving the snow reports! We do get some here occasionally being on the edge of the moors but being 350m lower than I was, its a much lower chance!
  5. I am very well thanks, I hope you are too. I have to say whilst I do miss Princetown at times like this, living in civilisation, being able to pop to the shop, have a takeaway delivered and being in the city in 10 minutes is worth the sacrifice of missing the snow! I hope all you lot up the hills get a good covering tonight!
  6. Its nights like this I wish that I still lived in Princetown! Nothing here in Plympton, currently 5.3c so not holding any hope!
  7. Nice chilly start to the week. Warming up a bit now... Even though I am not on the moors any more, I am still on the edge of them so here's hoping for a decent winter!
  8. Hello all.... Have not been on in a while! So who is looking forward to finally getting some winter then??
  9. I know! Sorry to abandon you buddy, but civilisation calls! I will enjoy mate. Still a little bit of elevation but nothing near want you have mate!
  10. The Beast is back! Hello all and sorry for my absence. You will all remember me as the Beast of Dartmoor, but since I do not live there any more, I am now the Beast of Plympton! I no longer have the elevation, but on the plus side, I can phone a person, they then make some food, bring it to my house, I give them money, then eat my dinner! The wonders of being near civilisation! Its a treat! Anyway, weather has been wonderful here today, sat in the garden enjoying the sun! Nice evening as well....
  11. Yeah, the isolation doesn't help at all. Thanks for the good wishes and I will be back with a new name soon!
  12. Sorry for the late reply.... Been packing! You are right, there are a couple of good memories and I will be keeping some very good friends. And yes, the boy racers are irritating. But I think its deeper than that, the place just feels wrong.... Like it should have been left to the ponies after all!I think the people who have been here all their life deal with it, because they know no different, and it shows. But for us, we need normal people and a normal place! So a new name will be necessary. Perhaps the Penguin of Plympton? Any thoughts! And of course, I will still be on here all the time!
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