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  1. November 30th around 9pm 2010 the snow started in Medway. Stuck in my brain as we just moved to new house!
  2. Positive thinking! It’s snowing heavily now in Gills..?
  3. We had heavy snow for about 15 mins which laid on cars and grass but not paths, roads or patio. It’s now ver fine snow. Temperature on my fridge thermometer which has been outside since last night says -0.07. Rainham Kent.
  4. Yes I thought the same for south east in 2010. I’m sure we got a red warning about an hour before the event!
  5. Off again.... surprised after the “you’re not feeling it” for any snow in Medway on Monday.
  6. Wow, this thread has gone down hill and miserable..... more depressing than a week of wet and windy 'guaranteed' weather which i'm pretty confident you will be happy with next week. I'm off..
  7. Cracks me up, we spend most days from November on this site every year hoping exactly for this chance! One person gets a bit negative and its like lemmings.... Come on.... keep up the positivity, the run up is the exciting bit? I'll let you be fed up at the end of the week if it didn't happed for you (or me)...
  8. Not to miss out on the temperature party and In the absence of a weather station, I’ve improvised with my fridge thermometer !
  9. I don’t know how to do a quote to a different thread, sorry, so it’s copy and paste but just so you know I’m usually glass half full and certainly don’t want to dampen any excitement as I’ve been waiting ages for our turn! this was from TEITS: On a different note I do feel sorry for those in the far SE though i.e Kent. Whilst the snow showers will continue during Wed onwards for N England/Scotland, the convective days for the far SE only appear to be Mon/Tues due to the flow veering ESE,ly. The likes of Norfolk, Suffolk and maybe Essex may still pick up a few snow showers.
  10. For the first time I’m now concerned after what TEITS has added to the mad thread!
  11. No...... last one we did the snow didn’t happen!
  12. I was thinking exactly the same a couple of weeks ago when the last lot of snow and cold was being delivered day after day......Are they talking about the whole of the UK? Obviously not..... but hey we’re used to it!
  13. Maybe because they get a kick out of a reaction?
  14. Been Snowing heavy(ish) for ten mins now in rainham kent.