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  1. Well that’s then according to the Net Weather Winter Forecast, above average temperatures for Christmas and New Year. Answers the debate about whether there should be a return to a hunt for cold forum, apparently a hunt for mild would be more suitable. On a positive note saves me getting obsessed with catching up during the next couple of months in the hope for snow! All my fun over, back in February with fingers crossed.
  2. What an evening! Totally unexpected.... one minute I’m reading all your reports of snow thinking, well that’s not happening here! Chucking it down with rain, checked the met forecast, they said rain too.... ? Then out of bloody nowhere.... it’s snowing and laying! At that point decided to buoycot net weather, in case it would jinx me! All the time I hang on to every post and believe nothing happens! It’s melting now judging by the sound of a rain forest.... but I’ll never forget that.....and nobody saw that coming, just goes to show......
  3. It covers a very small part of the south east, you need to click on more details to get the correct location of the amber.
  4. Haha, didn’t I say it would change by the hour, I got my double snowflakes back on Meto! Yippee ?
  5. We are left with frozen slushy snow on patio table, cars and patches of snow on the grass this morning. I was happy to see at 6.30 this morning Meto gave us in rainham Kent two snow flakes over a period of 4 hours tomorrow evening but an hour later it’s down to one snowflake and sleet.... hey ho, I’m sure it will change hourly....
  6. Hi Do you know what the temps are at the moment? I'm at work and noticed it got suddenly dark.
  7. Met has started to downgrade, for Medway anyway. My double snowflakes have gone and sleet has increased. ?
  8. I thought there would be a bit more enthusiasm and excitement on here? Finally get a yellow warning of potential snow which most of us have been waiting for and it seems like most are trying to find a reason why it shouldn't happen?
  9. I’m struggling to see why the model thread was divided... because this thread is much the same as the last (which is fine) unless of course someone stupidly mentions zonal, mild or rain. The other thread seems to be dedicated to Knocker?
  10. Am I still on Net Weather? Or has everyone gone out tonight?
  11. November 30th around 9pm 2010 the snow started in Medway. Stuck in my brain as we just moved to new house!
  12. We had heavy snow for about 15 mins which laid on cars and grass but not paths, roads or patio. It’s now ver fine snow. Temperature on my fridge thermometer which has been outside since last night says -0.07. Rainham Kent.
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