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  1. Hello, Hope you are all enjoying the snow, I am so envious down here in South East. Please keep posting pictures to fuel my envy....
  2. That didn't work, sorry. Anyway what I was trying to post is the yellow warning does say Medway...... You got to have hope.
  3. Same here in Rainham, just lit so e candles and boiled a kettle in case!
  4. Snow falling might be the only thing to be excited about, which I will be more than happy to see but temperatures most of tomorrow won't be cold enough and by the time the temperature drops and the snow starts the ground temperature is too warm and the surface soggy from hours of heavy rain. Please prove me wrong?
  5. I would love to get excited Frosty but its hard to imagine it will lay, today its 11.5oc and tomorrow when they say it will snow its forecast the temperature to be 7oc
  6. This time last week, we were in Budapest and it was Freezing with ice forming on the trees, it was -5, im gutted not to be there to have seen this.
  7. You made a great and refreshing post.  Well done, keep going!


    From a three year, winter lurker.


  8. Karl (Frosty) you get me through a bad winter and reluctance to throw my towel with your hope!
  9. Bit disappointing was snow then sleet then light snow but stopped very quickly in Chatham.
  10. I'm waiting ,........ Oh oh oh hang on yes I think we are in business!
  11. Just noticed the temp here is 5.2! That will have to take a nose dive in order for anything hopeful.