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  1. Just below zero and now we have snow , nothing settling and not that exiting .....but it’s snow!!
  2. 2.1 And just dry and breezy on the coast here
  3. Steady 1,8 and has been for several hours now, DP -0.9, wind is running at about 14 MPH with some stronger gusts.
  4. Temperature has dropped 3 in almost as many minutes DP down to -0.4 and the first sign of snow mixed with rain, pressure has risen very slightly to 994.
  5. Interestingly still 4.4 and rain in Eastbourne
  6. just gone to -2 and DP down to -4.9
  7. -1,5 on the Coast, DP-4.3 Clear and Crisp and very still , just no wind!
  8. Temps rising in Eastbourne from -0.5 to - 0.1 in the last few minutes.
  9. Fatboypirate

    Welcome to SACRA

    1510006620! And something Must be in the Air as I normally only start posting in Jan!
  10. Yes its a rare animal, 2010 was the last time I think! And for the record the Temp has just dropped 0.1 to 7.3
  11. Steady 7.4° , DP 6° and drizzle in Eastbourne!
  12. Sunny with blue sky's and 8 degrees..
  13. Fatboypirate

    Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    2mm of rain here today, temperature is 3.1 and falling from a high of 4.6. DP is at 2,8