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  1. Just below zero and now we have snow , nothing settling and not that exiting .....but it’s snow!!
  2. Steady 1,8 and has been for several hours now, DP -0.9, wind is running at about 14 MPH with some stronger gusts.
  3. Temperature has dropped 3 in almost as many minutes DP down to -0.4 and the first sign of snow mixed with rain, pressure has risen very slightly to 994.
  4. -1,5 on the Coast, DP-4.3 Clear and Crisp and very still , just no wind!
  5. Yes its a rare animal, 2010 was the last time I think! And for the record the Temp has just dropped 0.1 to 7.3
  6. 2mm of rain here today, temperature is 3.1 and falling from a high of 4.6. DP is at 2,8
  7. Interesting as that is the same for me, from midnight the pressure has dropped like a stone , bottomed out at 974 - rain here but the temperature is now dipping away fast at +1 with DP+0.7
  8. Steady 3.6 here out of the wind, DP at 1.8 degrees, no snow just heavy cloud, pressure has been dropping again today now down to 974MB
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