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  1. Photos of these streamers required Or radar snaps so we can put a picture to what folk are saying
  2. Thoughts on snow potential for tonight for Scunny? Can't see anything like we've had falling although the north sea is still looking active. No other suprises out off the coast of Denmark are there?
  3. Looking at the bigger picture on the radar maps you can see that the area of water between our region compared to the North East has less sea for these showers to travel over This may explain what the intensity of the showers up north have been so heavy and persistent or I may just be talking a load of mooooopooo
  4. Scunthorpe has had a very good covering Heavy stuff from about 7am onwards Thinking we might get a few more showers in the next few hours
  5. Looking at that I would say South Lincs and the wash Would love to include North Lincolnshire but that's probably a step tooooo North
  6. Looks very active in the wash and off the coast of the North East but not a lot happening around the humber estuary
  7. Sat on the bank of the trent and spotted on cctv that the skies had darkened over scunny Much snow?
  8. Not a clue Hates it when you question him Had a dig at me when I said it was all a bit hyped this beast from the east lol
  9. Just having a snow shower now Small flakes but plenty of them Probably best shower yet Hoping it picks up a little it now but looking at the radar this was the biggest of the showers showing
  10. Not even got my BIG coat on for work lol Just desperate for my mates little kids to get out and play in the snow something they have not had chance to do since they were born My little girl is only 11months so plenty of time for her to get the chance
  11. I see no streamer apart from one on the south east coast And looking at the shower activity what my area is getting now is probably the worst / beat it will get
  12. Have a look on the radar You can visually see it yourself
  13. Confused.Com Met office and BBC weather now has a mixture of heavy and light snow from midnight onwards. Total upgrade Believe it when I see it in the AM Night folks
  14. Didn't look great for North Lincs Then the showed shower activity tomorrow been blown in on a more south easterly pushing showers more north above the humber in North East Yorkshire
  15. Yep I'm sure Countryfile forecast stated certain depths as well
  16. Don't think I'll see snow fall in scunny ever again like we had in 2010 40+cm Snow on the ground for weeks
  17. Nothing more than a very light dusting in North Lincs Everytime I check for tomorrow's low it seems to get further and further away from the Scunny area After watching the Countryfile forecast my hopes were kind of high for the most significant snowfall since 2010 (obviously nothing like that though) I'm now not convinced that Scunny or North Lincs will see much snow action at all This beast is far from beastly lol
  18. Could someone clear up the latest predictions for this Saturday in North lines region Involved in a festival Desperate for dry weather Warm would be great (mid 20's lol) But just happy with rain free
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