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  1. Roll on summer

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    2. Milhouse


      Over here last year we did have a mini summer actually from mid July. But Its the possibility of getting another 1976 that always gets me longing for summer. The past 6 summers might have been mediocre efforts but whats to say this year wont be different.

    3. Aaron


      Summer is the season that routinely disappoints. Winter is the season that pleases, and has done for the past few years. :-D

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Nah I'd say it is the other way round for me, Summer we are guaranteed long days, some warm sun (yes even last year) and other weather interest, and lush vegetation which I like. Winter is too dark and dull sometimes and I don't find it worth looking forward to more than summer for perhaps just a couple days of snow.

      If good snow happens I can be excited as anyone though.

  2. Waiting with anticipation for this potential snow!!!!

  3. Hoping north linc and scunny gets some snow

  4. Will this cold and snow happen?

    1. matt_in_dudley


      according to what i've read it is going to get colder with snow for some but the models are struggling with how long it will last. thats my understanding of it anyway lol. But i know nothing about model runs etc

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