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  1. First thunder of the year, albeit distant (Wallingford area by the looks of it) . Fabulous! I was checking out my allotment when I heard that deep rumble that can't be anything else and my blood ran cold in a pleasant way, here's hoping for some decent storms after this awful Spring.
  2. Oh now the weather warning for wind tomorrow has been extended northwards. Must admit I'm really fed up of the constant cold breeze - and now we have windy and wet to contend with. The allotment is already behind and the next ten days is not going to help. Nothing in the polutunnel in germinating as they nights are too cold. Like everyone, the last 14 months have been tough, I've been stuck in this pokey flat and I'd love a few pleasant and warm days where I can have some carefree days outside.
  3. Passed three gritters on the way home...what kind if icy apocalypse are we expecting tonight???
  4. Snowing! Settling on the roofs and cars here in the valley but I can see it settling on the ground up on the hill. What a nice surprise.
  5. 46.c in the polytunnel his afternoon, but the 0.c nights still mean it's too cold to put most seedlings in there. So they remain in the flat getting in the way of everything! Quite shocked to find it had reached -4.c in the poly as some point in the last week! Meanwhile at my sister's house in Yorkshire, the snow is settling. Had to get the hosepipe out for the first time this year as the ground is very dry, light grey and crumbly, not sure my 100 or so onion/garlic/shallots appreciate that. Hope it gets a bit warmer...but also hoping for a bit of rain! This dry, cold weather is
  6. There is no weather. I went and got a weather refund because there is no weather.
  7. As Michael Boulton once sang "How am I supposed to live without weather, now that I've been loving weather so long?"

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    2. Team Squirrel

      Team Squirrel

      No weather Lassie....just boring grey skies! And that ain't weather!😄

    3. lassie23


      lol welcome to the uk weather March to november

    4. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Dunno sometimes we get Weather in Spring and Summer

  8. As Betty Boo once said "Where are you weather, we used to have so much fun, you drive me crazy, somebody tell me where all the weather as gone".

    1. Arnie Pie

      Arnie Pie

      wow memories...where are you baby😉

  9. Help, there is no weather.

    1. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Welcome to the club lol. 

    2. lassie23



  10. I've taken on some walking challenges recently just to stop me losing the plot spending another lockdown in a small flat - and I have to say walking in that easterly wind on Friday and Saturday was brutal! So cold in fact that I've ordered myself a snood/balaclava type thing as my face actually hurt. Being on top of various Chiltern hills doesn't help. Nice to experience some proper cold though and that snow/graupel showers where loads of large, ice crusted snowflakes stuck to my coat for ages was a real highlight of the cold spell. Feel like I'm done with winter now and ready for spring.
  11. Went for my daily walk at lunchtime, and while it was sunny when we set off, we got caught in the most amazing snow-ish, graupel-ish shower. There was a mixture of shapes but among them, beautiful big flakes retaining their snowflake shape, albeit in a sort of icy form. This one landed on the arm of my coat and stayed there for 3 or 4 minutes unchanged - so beautiful!
  12. I always make a home-made soup and fill up the bird feeders beforehand. After it snows I make snow lanterns by making a sort of mound of snowballs and putting a tealight inside. I recommend reading Moominland Midwinter for adults and children as it's basically all about cold and snow, and accidentally waking up and making sense of a world full of snow while you're meant to be hibernating.
  13. Loved playing around in the snow, it broke up the boredom of the lockdown. There were 40 snowmen in the park. Small matter of getting my Dad up down the various hills to the vaccination hub at the football ground in heavy snow - but thankfully the council and fire brigade kept the roads and football ground clear and it went very smoothly!
  14. Usually, I'm so excited by the prospect of snow...but my Dad has his covid vaccination jab on Sunday morning and I want him to get there safely.😕
  15. 1.5cms on top of the hill...I went for a quick walk just to hear snow crunching under my feet. Back in the valley now and it's already turning to heavy rain washing everything away.
  16. Slow falling and settling down in the valley here! 0.9.c at the moment.
  17. We call them Fartichokes!!! I have found that if you make them into a soup (by just following a parnip soup recipe but swapping parsnip out for artichokes) then, they don't make you windy. perhaps the fibers are broken down in the blending, I'm not sure. This disappoints my partner though, he likes a good fart!!😄
  18. Got rather excited when I realised the gritter was following me home last night! -1.8 here around 5am (although outdoor thermometer is not very accurate). Lovely to see a proper frost. What it does mean is that I can dig up my Jerusalem artichokes tomorrow at the allotment as they need a decent frost in order to sweeten. I've signed up for a walking challenge thoughout December, which I'll have to do in the evenings...brrr. I'm now beginning to wonder what I'll need - thermals, headtorch, fog lights for people (do they exist?)....snow shoes????
  19. 0.2.c here - frost of the roof here but on the ground on the high hill opposite - beautiful!
  20. Dug over my allotment over today - first time I've ever dug over in November in jeans and a t-shirt! Usually have about 3 layers on, ridiculously mild. Very pleasant being outside this afternoon despite the lack of sunshine. I put the winter duvet on last week, I'm going to really regret that tonight, it's bedtime and it's 15.5.c!
  21. It's the anniversary of the epic High Wycombe October 2008 snowfall!❄️ No snow today though, a bit of sunshine after that rain yesterday.
  22. Remembering when I was 21, came home from the pub and put the clock in the kitchen back, and then my sister came in from the club a couple of hours later and also put the kitchen clock back and hour and the front room clock. That was a confusing day.

    1. lassie23


      i don't have a clue what the time is anymore, are we still in 2020, if so, make it go away.

    2. Team Squirrel

      Team Squirrel

      There's isn't even any October Fox Index stats to report!😪


    3. lassie23


      nope another snowless winter on the way unless the OFI is a load of old baloney lol

  23. It is as now. Combination of the rain making it feel damp, no tenant in the flat upstairs and the building cooling down generally. Just the heater in the living room, though. It's strange, I can be doing the housework and have the windows open when it'a 3.c...but I can't stand it when it's 13.c and damp.
  24. @stainesbloke Sending best wishes, hope you feel back to normal soon. Sounds like you've got a good garlic and suppliments routine going so hopefully it won't be long! Was cold last night - winter duvet time I think. The gritters are having a testing /training session in Bucks today! Not looking forward to autumn as much as usual, I think any possible lockdown plus dark evening might be quite depressing. As you may have seen on social media, Halloween is going to be a window-dressing thing this year and I'm already planning it with all my nieces, so that's keeping my autumn spirits up!
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