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  1. Really pretty snow flurries in the valley here, over now but big flakes for a short while.
  2. The wind is roaring though the trees outside my window - it's nice to hear some weather for a change! Nice weekend at the allotment, mild enough to get maintenance done. But my gawd, these grey days are sooooooo boring. Still, I went to a wassail today. Lots of folklore about the changing of seasons and morris dancing...and cider!!
  3. Happy new year! What a murky Christmas. Oh well. Sound the klaxon, Home Bargains have sledges in stock!
  4. Hope you're all enjoying Christmas! This weather is putting a dampener in things, it's just murky and gloomy outside, not even crisp...just Meh. Meh Christmas! Hoping for a bit of brightness tomorrow. Anyway...back to the cheese....
  5. I think Smarch is far more a fitting portmanteau given the snowly March we had. I'm moving in March...which should be...interesting... Today was nice, needed the sun after days of gloom, few outdoor jobs done!
  6. Big blobs of snow in the light rain this morning! Thought I was seeing things!
  7. Stunning weather yesterday, managed to get so much done by way of closing the allotment for winter. and we're double figures again already today. This morning was a bit strange, despite the good weather loads of different types of birds decided today was the day to return to the bird feeders. We've had wrens, jays and starlings which we haven't seen since March. And the fat blockhas been decimated.
  8. -1.8.c this morning according to my unreliable window thermometer, lovely crisp morning. Those low temps are kicking off a leaf fall despite no breeze, it's a beautiful autumn morning. We complete on our flat today and by tonight we'll be renters in our former home as we sold to an investor and are now his first tenants until we find somewhere new. This process started in the 30.c heat of July, now look at it! While I'm looking forward living in a house and to a weather station, barbeque and not hauling the shopping up 3 flights of stairs, unless I win the lottery tomorrow, I very much doubt I'll be living amongst the tall trees and sweeping lawn of the communal garden of the former hotel these flats are built on. It's been a privilege to watch the leave fall and the squirrels building nests and I mill miss that enormously. It's November tomorrow - winter weather watching - yay! But I don't know whether to follow the main model thread...or the hunt for cold thread!!
  9. Been trying to close my allotment down for winter for days - but it's either been to windy, too wet, too warm etc. The wind is now picking up again but the very warm afternoon means people near the allotment have washing on the line meaning I can't have a bonfire. Strange old week weatherwise. At least this warm and fair/sunny gap means Stainesbloke should get some wedding pictures! 22.8.c currently.
  10. @stainesbloke wishing you the very best for the big day! I was in Windsor today so saw the royal wedding procession - it was very windy and very mild, pleasant for being outdoors but my hat took off and was gone and because of the wedding the streets were crowded, it was a complete farce trying to get it back! Even now temp outside is reading 19.4.c - incredible. The winter duvet I put on a few weeks ago is going to be very uncomfortable tonight!
  11. Paging Lassie...paging Lassie...October Fog Index has started. OFI : 1. (4/10/18) Off next week...kind of hoping these warm weather hints stay put!
  12. Neither can I and from a gardener's perspective, these cold nights are bringing a bit of a premature end to the growing season. A thin film on my car windscreen this morning, not quite ice but certainly a product of a cold night.
  13. Was woken by a terrible crashing sound...not the wind but the guy upstairs lifting weights at 4am!!!! Which lead to me Googling "Is it possible to superglue weights to laminate floors" at 4.30am!! I do like a bit of weather to look forward to - but to be honest a quiet spellof boring high pressure for a while will do me fine as I've lots to do. Looking forward to my FB memories reminder in 5 weeks time when everyone in H/W re-shares their stories of getting stuck in Asda/John Lewis/Marlow etc etc on October the 28th! Wonder if I'll ever see snow before Halloween again in the UK in my lifetime?
  14. Aw, I spent many childhood weekends running around Sandy Lane while staying with relatives, ended up in the pond a few times. Really gusty here today, all the runner bean cane frames are all learning at the allotment, they've sort of become parallelograms, think a few might be lost by Friday morning.