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  1. How does one brace oneself for a polar vortex? Is it like Sharknado? Snownado? Smashing day at the allotment, half of it dug over, poly tunnel frame built, legs now hurt very much. Microlites and hot air balloons in the air above, skylarks - wonderful sunny day.
  2. You put your easterly in, your easterly out, in, out in out, the models shake it all about..... It's nerve-wracking being a MOD thread lurker, I think I'll take a few days off!!
  3. Me: 'hey ho, spring coat, day off, off to Tesco I walk in the sunshine" 5 minutes later: 'ahhhhh' (runs in doors after being ambushed by 10 minutes of freezing hail) Typical. Hair is now a wet and fizzy mess again. All hands on deck at the allotment tomorrow. Not knowing how the SSW/possible easterly will pan out makes everything a bit uncertain, not really sure what to do, bah. I've covered my onions just in case!
  4. The Dutton has spoken: @liamdutton Sudden stratospheric warming has taken place 10-50km up in stratosphere. More often than not (66% of time), it increases risk of colder than normal weather and high pressure 10-14 days later. Weather models showing signs of this later in Feb. Could be 'interesting.' Stay tuned! Thoughts return to the man in Marlow buying three sledges.
  5. Just looked on the radar at the snow shower that has just passed and it only formed over Northants - it's a pep up.
  6. From out of nowhere.... Small fakes and and settling on the grass/cars etc
  7. Distance learning in meteorology

    How deep is your knowledge of meteorology generally already? I love the weather but I didn't do physics or geography to GCSE levels and missed out on some of the weather basics. So I took a short course from home in hours that suited me on Futurelearn (part of the OU) . I did the one Exeter uni offer, but Reading Uni offers them too. It's free (unless you want a certificate) and although it's 12 hour teaching time, I found it was taking me 2 or 3 hours a day as I read all the extra reading etc. When I did the course, some people were on it because they were considering study or careers in meteorology. If your have advanced knowledge already, it may not be for you but I found it a great distance learning beginners meteorology course - and the forums mean you can always ask for help. I have a great understanding of weather processes now and found the behaviour of air masses the most interesting part. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/come-rain-or-shine https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/learn-about-weather
  8. Light snow in Missenden, not in Wycombe, but then Wycombe is a circle of hell in which nothing good ever happens.
  9. It's sunny...AND snowing
  10. Moonwalking Fox Index................. Although...I'm looking at the buzz about cold and snow and my mind does return to the guy running up Marlow High St with three sledges...was MSI correct? Who is that man and what does he know?? I bet it just ends up very cold and dry though.
  11. Meto now showing snow showers on Tuesday here. Just an observation - the fatball feeders in the garden are emptying in days rather than weeks and birds like thrushes and corvids who ignore them are decimating the fatballs!
  12. Good shopping weather today, mild but not warm and no rain. Even managed to take the last lot of junk from the lotty to the tip. @stainesbloke those peas sound interesting, let me know how they get on. I believe blue pumpkins are sweet and perfect for pie. Can't wait for the growing season now. This caught my eye on Twitter: @liamdutton Growing confidence that high pressure will have a greater influence on the UK weather into February. However, still lots of uncertainty as to the position and orientation of the high pressure, which in turn determines how cold it’ll get and any associated snow risk. Stay tuned!
  13. Ooh fab, hoping to get up to mine this Sunday. Don't know what novelty thing to grow this year, thinking about blue pumpkins. Five weeks of winter left...I wonder what it will bring?
  14. Stoppped snowing 15 minutes ago - but in the last 5 minutes it's back heavier than before and huge flakes! Settling on the roof now.
  15. Sleet rain turned to snow about an hour ago, only a smatting on the ground but lovely to see. Daphne not impressed with the snowflakes stuck in her tail though, one monkey nut and she's back off to bed!!