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  1. It's our first week off this year...and look at the weather! What poor timing. Went for a long walk in the countryside but it was cool and very gloomy.
  2. Nothing more depressing than a thunderstorm warning changed to a heavy rain warning! Quite a few roads flooded here. Happy plants/crops though.
  3. But....that's abroad!!! Next to Tunisia and places like that. I'm going out for a walk to look at some stormy skies, will report back if there's anything to report.
  4. I love a good storm, but it's the sweltering hours in the flat beforehand I don't much like! Or the groggy feeling the next day because you've been awake half the night! So I'm going to go to bed really early and be up for some watching after midnight. There is a footpath on a hill a five minute drive from here where you can see for miles, from High Wycombe to at least the Bagshot Heath radio mast in Surrey - a mass expanse of sky - but there's no shelter at all. Wonder if I'll be ok lying on the ground in a sleeping bag?!!😄
  5. Back from the allotment, it's far too hot to dig, feels more like 26.c out there than 20.c
  6. Feels like it! Shoddy built 80s starter flat that could not cope when they put triple-glazing in, building doesn't breathe. Flat is only 37sqm and has no balcony, no door to the outside world or extractor. We actually sold it to an investor before the pandemic, but the steep rise in house prices is keeping us here. I'm dreading another summer here, but winters are worse as the mildrew and condensation mould gets everywhere depite the dehumid going several hours a day. It makes me laugh when tenants complain about mould and the landlord says 'open the window a bit more'. I haven't closed the b
  7. Tell me about it, my downstairs neighbour came home at midnight and chain-smoked outside my bedroom window, meaning I had to shut the window. Woke up this morning at it's reading 82% humidity in the bedroom! Really unpleasant. We are considering getting a camp bed so we can sleep in the kitchen where it's cool and it's not possible to smoke under the window! Hopefully there will be a storm I can look forward to in the coming week. Meanwhile, off to plant out my sweetcorn and pumpkins!
  8. I had to plant out a lot of mature seedlings last weekend because they had become pot-bound and stopped growing. Not hopeful there will be anything left of them thanks to these gusts - and the fact that my plot is on top of an exposed hill. If I'd have known how tricky allotmenting would be this spring, I'm not sure I'd have bothered this year. It's just 10.c here too, I've known warmer December days. I can't be the only one longing for fine, warm evenings?
  9. I've had to endure many photographs and descriptions from my family in Yorkshire this morning about how amazing their storms were last night. "like a bomb" "less then a second between...." Yes ok, thanks...enough.🤐 IS there any change in sight for this changeable weather? Seems like every day in the afternoon, the sun comes out and I look forward to visiting my polytunnel, yet by the time 5pm rolls around, I'm stuck under a huge and unproductive rain cloud! Craving a few pleasant, warm and windless days now. This cool and changeable spring hasn't helped anyone given the fact we're comi
  10. My spinach has it's first true leaves today and my strawberry patch has it's first flower - everything else is just sat in the polytunnel in pots either struggling to germinate or grow as the nights have been cold and the days chageable. It's even difficult to harden off as it's been far too windy to leave anything out. Finding growing stuff really difficult this year, mostly because of the weather. Living in a tiny flat a few miles from my allotment isn't helping. So far this year, I lost a tray of seedlings by knocking them off chair when hoovering up, a window cleaner kindly misted a
  11. First thunder of the year, albeit distant (Wallingford area by the looks of it) . Fabulous! I was checking out my allotment when I heard that deep rumble that can't be anything else and my blood ran cold in a pleasant way, here's hoping for some decent storms after this awful Spring.
  12. Oh now the weather warning for wind tomorrow has been extended northwards. Must admit I'm really fed up of the constant cold breeze - and now we have windy and wet to contend with. The allotment is already behind and the next ten days is not going to help. Nothing in the polutunnel in germinating as they nights are too cold. Like everyone, the last 14 months have been tough, I've been stuck in this pokey flat and I'd love a few pleasant and warm days where I can have some carefree days outside.
  13. Passed three gritters on the way home...what kind if icy apocalypse are we expecting tonight???
  14. Snowing! Settling on the roofs and cars here in the valley but I can see it settling on the ground up on the hill. What a nice surprise.
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