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  1. Go to Hobbycraft, they have all their xmas card making stuff out already!
  2. A thunderstorm on Friday would be smashing. Disappointing amount of cloud today, meh!
  3. Team Squirrel

    Autumn 2018

    My heat tolerance is no non-existent now....and I grew up in Saudi Arabia! But yes, I prefer summers where you can get things done with a plume or three to give us some belting heat. This heatwaves just makes me tired and dehydrated all the time. I must admit I don't know what bearing this hot summer will have on the coming autumn. Nature likes a balance, so I'm going for a rainy, cold one.
  4. (It's not 100% accurate, but..) temps says 27.c here at 10.30am. But there are also large patches of dark cloud drifting over, in fact some very watcheable clouds hereabouts. But crumbs, it's oppressive to do manual work in. I'm going to do a storm dance, s*d, it.
  5. Lovely morning but unable to work the land in the afternoon too hot for about the 4 weekend in row. Pumpkins are doing brilliantly as are cucumbers - the plants are producing so many as they love it hot and sunny. On the down side, late summer crops aren't germinating, it's too hot and dry despite daily waterings. I'm unfortunate enough to live in High Wycombe (but not for much longer!!) and lets just say the pavements in the town centre urgently need heavy rainfall to clean them.
  6. Combines in the field bringing the harvest in, must be 3 weeks early due to heatwave! It's proper scorchio, scorchio out there, I think 32.c before the day is out. We be glad for cold drink and the big game at 3pm.
  7. Although high temps pose a danger no matter how short the period of hot weather, I do think there is a flaw in the calculations used for these heat health watches. Many people are fine with 30.c or so for 3 or 4 day but if you have weeks on end of high 20s to low 30s, then that has quite a cumulative effect on sleep quality, dehydration levels, appetite etc. Had tix to BST festival today in Hyde park but I sold them as we are too busy with our flat move. Kind of glad really as don't fancy 8 hours sat in Hyde Park in 31.c
  8. Moaning minnie here...but the mod thread is morphing into the ramp thread a bit. What day of the so-called heatwave is this??? 10? I'm feeling dehydrated all the time despite glugging water all day and you can only really work on the allotment after 7pm.
  9. So, so lovely to be rained on at my allotment just now, that wet ground smell!! About 5 minutes of moderate to heavy rain, enough to make a few puddles.
  10. Meto seem to have revised temps downwards for early next week? I love for sunshine but we had quite a serious field fire 2 miles away on Monday as the ground is like a tinderbox, they think it might be possible that a tractor chipped a flint into life. I'm having to use a lot of water to keep the allotment alive, god know what it's like for farmers. Bah, I wish I lived in the same town as my allotment as 10pm waterings during heatwaves are quite a commitment. And anyway, I love rain and I'm dying to feel some as are my plants.
  11. Driven off the allotment by midday...but we will be having new potatoes, lettuce, spring onions, radish, red onion, baby carrot, pea, nasturtium flower and basil salad!!!!! Oh did I mention raspberry cheesecake with strawberry vodka? Meto say 30% chance of a shower at 6pm?
  12. Spare a thought for us baking in flats, no open doors, no BBQs, no paddling pool to put your feet in, no dining al fresco, permanently 27.c indoors, taking a drink outside requires shoes, keys, two fire doors, 3 flights of stairs, crossing a car park until you reach a few metres of grass by a 3 lane A-road Sigh. You would not believe how hot the A road and the car park make the local area and how abysmal the air quality and pollen is on a day like today. Still...we've just sold our dingy flat to an investor who is renting it back to us until we find a nice HOUSE to rent!!! - You should see our outdoor shopping list already...weather station, sun loungers, swingseat, BBQ, smoker, birdbath, rotary washing line...never in the history of the world has anyone been as excited as me about buying a rotary washing line. I love this weather but it's not pleasant when you have lots of physical things to do. I'm ready for a rip-roaring storm now...but I'm not in the warning area, sob.
  13. Much more cloud here now, it's actually nice to see clouds! I love this kind of summer weather - but having to fully water the allotment every night is hard work, especially when everyone is fighting over the taps! I have hayfever for the first time in my life which is strange, I'm 44 and never had it until now. Looks like more of the same for the forseeable. Anyone like to take a bet as to when it will next rain?
  14. Breezy and the lights keep flickering, full blown powercut a few streets away but I don't think it's weather related. A friend in Edinburgh had to abandon her usual bike ride to work. Went for a late walk last night at 9.30pm (sneaky peek at a rental property) and I jave to say it was lovely evening walking weather.
  15. High Wycombe skies...right now...but the sun does keep popping out.