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  1. We're out of the warning area now for today - and what about those high temps? It's very dark and drizzly here but only 21.c I'm glad of the cool temps to be honest.
  2. Well, we had yesterday evenings storm which was phenomenal, went to bed, was woken at about 2.30am by my partner shaking me and saying 'are you ok?'. Basically I was dreaming that I was being struck by lighting and was letting out a muffled scream in my sleep! Just as we settled back to try and sleep, we heard thunder getting nearer. I think I must have heard thunder while unconscious and it directly influenced my dream, scary! Couldn't get back to sleep so will have to function on 3 hours kip - not fun. Quite a bit of flooding in town last night, some of it still around this morning.
  3. massively intensifying park has flash storm in years.
  4. Fabulous - torrential rain, constant thunder, what a great birthday present!
  5. Thunder in the distance now - haven't heard it for so long!
  6. It was lovely going to sleep last night listening to heavy rain, made me realise I miss weather!. Dare I say it, it was nice feeling cool for a change! My allotment and the countryside beyond needed this rain so much, the ground was starting to resemble light grey sand.
  7. I can see tonnes of convection here at the lotty! I'd bet on a shower today. Warning for those east of London tomorrow for those imports
  8. Can now see towers going up to my south-west over Berkshire/Reading.
  9. Fabulous towers to my east and SW....but we've been taken out of the warning area
  10. Crumbs, weather warning for rain today and tomorrow. Not likely I'll be watering the lotty this week!
  11. 33.1.c on the shady side of the flat. I'm sure it's been hotter while I've lived here, but it's never felt hotter. Nothing more unpleasanr on a very hot day than not having any outside space and living on a busy A road. Think today has been the clincher for us to move. Currently sat with my feet in a bucket of cold water!!
  12. Warnings updated for tomorrow including parts of the SE. Storm dance Dami?
  13. Reading 27.5.c for both indoor and outdoor now. I love hot summer days...but I hate it when there's no dip in temps in the evenings or an evening storm. When you've had heat all day but there's no end to it, then it's just horrible and sleeping isn't restful. I grew up in Saudi Arabia as my Dad is an engineer and 27.c was a middle of the night sort of temperature but I just can't cope with warm nights as an adult!! Oh to have air con!!
  14. Went to the allotment at 7.30am his morning as I didn't fancy digging in the heat of the afternoon. But at just 8.30am, the sun was burning my skin and I was sweltering, sure is a hot one out there folks! Our outside thermometer (in the shade) started to fall...then went back up again - weird.
  15. Well...I'm sure this should have warranted a yellow as driving conditions are poor, A road is really slow. Dread to think how my allotment is getting on. (ok, it was nice going to sleep listening to the wind in the trees last night..but it's pretty wild out there this morning). @stainesbloke @lassie23 Had no intention of buying a melon but we went for a country drive and ended up in this garden centre where people were just snapping up these melon plants for a pound and I though what have I got to lose!!