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  1. Meanwhile at the allotment...everything's going a bit yellow which means it's too boggy. Potatoes are loving it though. But we really need some sun now.
  2. Yellow warning for thunderstorms now. High Wycombe outside the warning area, Beaconsfield in it - so I guess we're on the cusp!
  3. Watching this darker wall of cloud heading for me, it's quite eerie.
  4. Got a hot water bottle with me on the sofa in June! Ok, so we turn the heating off in May but it's damp and chilly in the flat this evening, especially after the rain showers. General chit-chat at the allotment is that a bit of continual warmth is needed as as the plants are a bit slow to grow at the mo. Scarce rain isn't helping either but Friday could balance that.
  5. Lovely day at the allotment, first strawberries are ripe. This beautiful cloud overhead caught my eye, I had to adjust it a bit so the colours look true to life, but it was amazing seeing the azure against a blue sky.
  6. Lightning overhead!!! Edit - and again - 4th in the last hour. Edit...make that 5! 8 in total, direct hit it seems!
  7. 1.1.c when the neighbours finally let me get to sleep at 4.45am this morning. No sign of a ground frost here in the valley but with my allotment 100m ASL, it will be a degree colder up there no doubt so I will be up there for an inspection shortly. Quite a lot of people on the allotment complaining that heir plants are not thriving and many have delayed planting.
  8. Have fun at the fieldwork! Not doing GCSE Georgraphy is one one of biggest regrets. I remember that exam feeling as if it were yesterday. But the feeling you get when it's all over is pure bliss so look forward to that feeling! I have got to dash home tonight, then up the the allotment with cardboard boxes and bring 100 seedlings in standard sized pots from the polytunnel into the flat for the weekend. That's going to be fun - it's just 37sqm in here and already packed to the rafters! literally don't know where they are going to go! A tip from two very experienced allotment holders who have plots next to mine - at this point in the year, if there is a frost possible, just cover your young potato plants with soil. This will protect them from the frost and they will simple grow out of the soil you've places on top of them. It won't crush or harm them - but a frost will!
  9. Already having to water the allotment, really wish we could have a deluge or two. Also wary of planting out pot-bound seedlings as can't rule out a light frost yet. Currently deciding whether to rearrange the coffee morning which is outside but under a marquee tomorrow at 11.30am...sensible or overkill?
  10. It's been like November out there for the last two days and now it's raining. Have had to delay sowing salad seeds. When your Latvian friends are moaning about the spring weather, you know it's really rubbish!!
  11. Dramatic skies at the allotment today, had to dodge the showers quite a bit, thanks goodness for the polytunnel! Really fed up of the wind, glad change is afoot. We've even lost items that were weighted down.
  12. Holy smokes... some big gusts out there folks, watch out!
  13. Big tree down here, blocking the road. Can really hear the wind above the TV now.
  14. Praps we should keep the Fog Index going all year! I might make my new forum name Fog Index!! I don't remember any Feb being this foggy.
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