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  1. Was just by the Thames in Bourne End and even though the wind was wild and the rain constant, given it's a January storm, it's astonishing how mild it is. No damage here but everyone will wake up with their neighbour's recycling bins tomorrow, and I saw a soaking fox shaking off the rain like a dog does.
  2. In the papers now: Wind rips entire roof off building in centre of Slough | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK A huge section of roofing has collapsed in the middle of Slough High Street this evening, after strong winds battered Britain throughout the day.
  3. Craving a bit of snow now ...or at least a bit of chilly weather. Sure was persisting it down an hour ago.
  4. Thames Path between Bourne End and Marlow - currently quite muddy but always a picturesque walk.
  5. Third beautiful river sunset of the xmas holidays, may have one more today before the gloom returns. So no cold weather on the horizon - but as the days get longer, will the cold get stronger is the big question. Happy 2020 for tomorrow night everyone!
  6. Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas. Although I love cold weather, I must confess I've found the very usable weather of the past few days very nice as we've been on some lovely walks in the sun without a biting wind. It's been good to get outdoors after endless rain and it was 30.c in the polytunnel yesterday afternoon! (well, you need a bit of allotment peace and quiet after visiting the relatives, doncha!) Thames still high and fast and lethal-looking. I'm a bit glum now, though as it looks like endless dark cloud until the end of the holiday - how depressing. Was hoping for a day by the sea this coming week but it's never inspiring with a load of dark, low cloud.
  7. Well that strike near the Thames yesterday afternoon caused a right stir on social media yesterday, people saying it was the loudest thunder they'd ever heard, some people thought it was a sonic boom, others say they felt the thunder underneath their feet! I was 3/4 miles away and it was loud enough to make me jump here, so it must have been a corker. Still raining here, the wet fallen leaves on sodden ground is making for it really slippery underfoot.
  8. I feel your pain Dami, we get woken by the woman upstairs and her boyfriend drinking and being rowdy at midnight and coming in at 3am twice a week and we hear the alarmclock of the guy downstairs at 5.30am most mornings. It leads to perpetual tiredness, however not to the point where I feel like hugging a toilet (yet) Oooh! Thunder!!! That made me jump!
  9. So it seems we in Wycombe are under a weather warning for rain from now until Friday lunchtime. Some very big puddles around already. I have a metal standalone bird feeder and it keeps leaning to about 20 degrees because the ground is sodden. We've had two Christmas fairs either restricted or cancelled in recent weeks because overflow car parks can't cope due to saturation. And when it rains, the humidity in our flat shoots up, even with a dehumidifier on and a regime of anti-humidity measures. I just don't know why. The worse thing is the flat starts to smell like mushroom soup when it does, I can only assume it's mildew. Cheap and crappy 80's flats, I'm so desperate to move. Sorry for the whine, just fed up of the dark days and rain.
  10. Wow, some rain in the last 40 minutes and an unexpected flash of lightning and distant thunder!
  11. Alright, so I was woken by the sonic boom (and every dog in our apartment block barking because of it) at 4.20 this morning, but I'm sure than when I got up this morning, I saw something wintry fall from the sky. Tiny little snowflakes, whirling around on the breeze but gone in under 3 minutes. It was beautiful...and I'm 99% certain I wasn't dreaming it!
  12. There's nothing the residents of Flackwell Heath like more than telling you they're snowed in and can't get down any of the hills. To be fair it has a chippy and four pubs and the best sledging, I'd stay put too.
  13. Hello little gritter, what are you doing down my road so far from the depot on a day like today,eh? Trial run?
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