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  1. My partner and I are about to celebrate 10 years together. What we remember most about mid-to-late autumn 2009 was that every time we planned a date, it seemed to be windy and rainy. In fact one date was abandoned altogether as we had a flood to drive thought and then my car very narrowly avoided being damaged by a falling bough that had to be removed by tractor! I mistakenly bought some of those Ugg style felt boots and they were permanently on top of the radiator because of the relentless rain. So don't write off winter just yet, we all know what followed the wet autumn of 2009......
  2. Current October Fog Index score: 0/10 and a third of the way through.
  3. Oh, completely unexpected lightning strike near Beaconsfield this afternoon, just didn't register it was thunder as it was overhead, I physically cowered - I thought a building was collapsing. I must have looked like a right fool!!
  4. A day to myself, catching up with lots of things, including weather bits and bobs. 34.c in the polytunnel, perfect for ripening off the last of the chillies. Coats and Warmies Index has now started. Sainsbury's already has all its bobble hats in stock - and I was quite surprised to see a whole display unit full of thermal undergarments. For now, that is all.
  5. Loads of very big puddles out there and Sainsbury's in Beaconsfield is closed due to flooding...and it's still raining. I put my winter duvet on today but left the window in the bedroom open to air. So much rain came in that said duvet, duvet covers and sheet are now in the tumble drier
  6. I'm under that white/lilac blob on the radar - rain is biblical, I've never seen rain go round corners, Thunder too. It's starting to flood in Wycombe valley, give it half an hour when all that water comes down off the hills...!
  7. Lovely autumn day out there, breezy, sunny spells, the ground smells damp and there are conkers everywhere. Allotment is sodden and some things are going a bit yellow due to being 'over-watered' yesterday. I'd just like to quickly say that I too enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the forum and I, like many people, enjoy the occasional saucy or tongue-in-cheek provocative post and banter. Within reason, no-one should be bounced off a forum because because their humour, experiences or viewpoint are different to someone else. Peace.
  8. Perfect temps today, lovely walking about. So nice, I just stayed outside all day - ending up at Hughenden Manor's 40's weekend (in case you wondered where that Spitfire was going!) Low of 6.8.c at about 5am this morning, didn't feel that cold, had the thermometer carked it or was it really that low??
  9. Lovely surprise to see a bit of fog on top of the hill this morning! Could this be the start of 2019 Fog Index? Paging lassie...paging lassie.... Can't start Coat Index as currently on a mega money saving mission this month and not going in any shops, so that will start October 1st. It's like The Good Life round here currently, all runner bean stew and Scrabble (!). Looking forward to a settled, sunny weekend - they are so useful at this time of year.
  10. I adjust badly to changing daylight hours. When the evenings start to become light in Spring, I find it hard to switch off, get cosy or sleep in the evenings, I'm just restless. And when the evenings start to get dark again like now, I find the lack of after-work daylight hours really depressing! Having said that, I've always adjusted by mid-October and look forward to all the fun dark evenings bring like Halloween and Bonfire Night. I do find myself clicking the sunrise/sunset timetables every week. I just like to know! https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/uk
  11. Some interesting clouds to my south-east here right now in Wycombe, love this one rising up like a wedding cake over the trees! It's now hotter than this time yesterday - currently 31.6.c and rising. Shame we're outside any warning zone, a storm is what I need as it's unbearable to work in.
  12. Not enjoying it to be honest, hot and over-crowded everywhere, too hot in the flat, too hot to work at the allotment, so have given up just lay on the sofa with the fan on...boring. A nice, sunny 24.c would have been much more useable at this time of year. Oh and a stupid amount of people walking their dogs on tarmac in this heat.
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