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  1. Was woken by a terrible crashing sound...not the wind but the guy upstairs lifting weights at 4am!!!! Which lead to me Googling "Is it possible to superglue weights to laminate floors" at 4.30am!! I do like a bit of weather to look forward to - but to be honest a quiet spellof boring high pressure for a while will do me fine as I've lots to do. Looking forward to my FB memories reminder in 5 weeks time when everyone in H/W re-shares their stories of getting stuck in Asda/John Lewis/Marlow etc etc on October the 28th! Wonder if I'll ever see snow before Halloween again in the UK in my lifetime?
  2. Aw, I spent many childhood weekends running around Sandy Lane while staying with relatives, ended up in the pond a few times. Really gusty here today, all the runner bean cane frames are all learning at the allotment, they've sort of become parallelograms, think a few might be lost by Friday morning.
  3. Yellow warnings for wind on Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon now.
  4. Light fog (or heavy mist?) here, can't see the hill opposite. Quite exciting to see it! Fog index starts here!!!!
  5. Pumpkins nearly ready! Lovely late afternoon yesterday, warm sunshine. Melons picked Talk going round the allotment of a cold winter ahead...lot of people not bothering with autumn planing onions etc... End of evening visits to allotments soon as we're losing almost 4 minutes of light per evening at the mo.
  6. Gutted! I've had no holiday this year as life has been a bit hectic/expensive, so I booked a Dorset campsite for this weekend a few days ago. But the forecast has changed since then and a warm settled spell has vanished...sob! Don't know whether the cancel or not...weather is not looking great but not looking terrible either
  7. Really lovely afternoon, 22.c a bit earlier, perfect for working outdoors. I've just got the candles, winter coat and blanket throws out of storage today though as it's meteorological autumn tomorrow!! Having said that, please can we have loads of hot sunny weather next week when I'm (finally) on my 'summer' holidays in Devon.
  8. Team Squirrel

    Autumn 2018

    I was chatting to my fellow allotment holders last night who said the same thing. I've only had my allotment two seasons but some have had their allotment for 20 years and they say autumn is coming early. And endless heatwave and pressed the fast forward button on some crops. Oh and autumn is clearly already here as I've thrown out the biggest spider I have ever seen yesterday. I saw it in the twilight of morning and thought it's body was a moth, that's how big it was!!
  9. Well.... I know that acorns are 2 years in the making, so it could be a reflection of the the last 2/3 years of weather...but when people write off current nature happenings as something that happened in the past, I do always wonder if it's just simply part of a bigger nature/weather cycle and dismissing it as a sign of weather patterns in the past is too simplistic. In autumn 2016, the acorns were pretty normal sized, autumn 2017 they were larger and 2018 larger still. The only fact I know about larger acorns is that they produce taller seedlings. I don't know if that has any baring on anything. Might do Acorn Size Index as well as Coat Type Index... @lassie23 is there going to me be an October Fog Index this year?
  10. It used to be a pretty good place in the 90's but for various reasons it's becoming a bit of a soulless dump. I don't even like it in the daytime, I've been abused and followed by aggressive beggars, many not local. Some poor nurse was killed sitting on a bench at lunchtime when she inadvertently found herself in the middle of a drug feud and got splashed with acid. I go shopping to Windsor now and don't go out into town in the evenings anymore. (to be fair, there's nowhere to go, the town has been successfully sanitised of dancing and music...unless you like theatre and I don't!) Anyway, here are the mega acorns from my allotment! (with £1 coin for scale). Perfect allotment weather yesterday but don't think I'll be digging today! I went to my Dad's yesterday evening but left the windows open as I had washing drying. When I got home after dark..the HEATING had come on! Brrrrr!!!
  11. First chilly evening up the allotment yesterday evening, sat there with several gardeners and the odd robin discussing when it's no longer feasable to work on the allotment after work, the general consensus is that time is 4 weeks today. Makes me sad! I'm usually the first one to look forward to those hazy autumn days but this year I'm, dreading the dark evenings. I don't watch TV dramas and going into town is horrible these days so I don't have anything to do on dark evenings...apart from annoy the boyfriend when he's trying to play Elite Dangerous The lengthy heatwave has meant that for those who planted pumpkins at the earliest opportunity are seeing them ripen now. I don't quite know where I'm going to store 8 pumpkins for 8 weeks..especially as I don't know where I'll be living in 8 weeks! The other thing I have noticed is the size of the acorns this year - like acorns on steroids, I'll photograph them tomorrow.
  12. Packing up the flat ready to go as we exchange in a couple of weeks. Still can't find anywhere to rent or buy with weeks to go which is quite frightening, do the government understand how much inflated house prices affect the quality of life for ordinary folk?. Good lord, the cr*p you find in cupboards..were did that Norwegian troll tooth-pick holder come from????? And why have we taken on a second allotment when we're so busy?? Anyway, it's a lovely day...perfect for doing this sort of thing - fair and 20.c. There's an autumnal feel to the mornings now. Anyone have any thoughts about how early September will pan out weatherwise?I do wonder what winter will be like, we've had some extremes this year for sure. Here's my Emir musk melon btw, unsure when it will be ripe but leaving it till it gets a bit more of a rough skin. Back to it...pthttthtththh.
  13. This time of year, the light change in the evenings seems so rapid. At my location sunset tonight was 8.30pm but it will be 7.52pm by the end of the month, that's some leap in just over a fortnight. It does catch you out, I've been watering my allotment at 9.15pm for ages - went to put my coat on last night to do the same and it was dark!
  14. It's 13.c!! A real shock to the system! I just got my coat out of storage - that's how cold I feel! Mind you,the heavy rain is making it feel colder than it really is.