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  1. Hehe! We did a tiny bit on weather lore and we're doing fog next week..sadly no OFI. Tell you what I did get for a bargain couple of quid...Weather Lore by Paul J. Marriott, it's a great book where he rubbishes amount 99% of weather lore....and calls the OFI "fiction" . Highest scoring autumnal weather lore stat with 66% according to Paul is: 'There will be three windy days in mid-September, this is known to the millers are the barley winds'. Boring. It was foggy yesterday...SFI? We still have to keep the OFi going...fiction or not!!
  2. Haven't been on the Netweather forum as much these last few weeks...because I'm off learning about the weather! I didn't do geography past the age of 13 at school so I have no foundation in a learning about the earth or weather. There are so many knowledge gaps that I just wait for other forum members to explain things in simple terms and I didn't want to do that anymore, I wanted to be able to understand what terms meant and be able to read a synoptic chart. So I am currently taking FutureLearn's (part of the OU) Learn About Weather course in conjunction with Uni of Exeter, Meto and the RMetS. I love it and I now understand so many things Iike why people sulk when things look 'zonal' or what the coriolis effect is or why exactly the 'Beast from the East' is so important if you like snow. It's meant to be 3 hours a week for 4 weeks but by the time you have read all the links and worksheets, joined in the discussions and re-read the things you're struggling with, it's about ten hours a week. It runs a couple of times a year, is really easy to follow, free if you just want the course, £40 if you want permanent access to it plus a certificate - and I'd recommend it if, like me, you love the weather but you struggle with the basics sometimes. See you in the Model discussion forums....maybe!!!
  3. Thunder in Great missenden and just outside Beaconsfield in the last half hour.
  4. Woken twice in the night by the wind and someone's bins making their way down the road and a tree down on line at Great Missenden, did not not qualify as a yellow warning?
  5. You're right. I love 'indexes' they are a special kind of weather lore! And by the way...the rat ate all 16 of my corn on the cob despite then growing in a cage and 12 of my neighbours. It scaled up the sunflowers and ate all the seeds in the head!! It's not big and prolific the council may have to bring the Jack Russels in. Gorgeous out there, hard to believe the storm in coming.
  6. Winter Coat Index working out ok so far. We are outside the warning area but I'm going to secure a few things at the allotment later - hope I get there before the rain does. Rest of the family all in the amber area - they have canceled evening plans.
  7. That time of year when I always find myself checking Netweather radar looking for why it's going dark in...then realise it's going dark because it's nearly night. Yesterday, West Wittering beach in Sussex was glorious, the sand under your feet was hot and shorts on, this afternoon, High Wycombe just cool and showery and hoodie weather - weekend of two halves but that's what I love about autumn. A way of yet - next next weekend looks wild.
  8. Been watching these build and vanish all morning.
  9. Admittedly we sleep with the window open....but I was pretty shocked to hear the heating ping on at 6am this morning! Must have been below 16.c inside the the room below the window. Then the room is filled with that smell of burning dust!!
  10. Looks like it might be single figures tonight, away from the cities. The wind feels cold today, haven't felt a cold breeze in a long time.
  11. Wow...I'm sure that's pretty early for fungi, agreed. I used to live about a mile from or so from Littleworth Common and used to go to the Beeches often and like you say, I'm sure half term was around the time for toadstool hunting in the Beeches, interesting that it's not just the oak near me. I read something ages ago about solar activity and oak trees but stupidly I didn't bookmark it and now can't find it. It doesn't feel like a normal later summer/autumn to me, as I said in an earlier post the squirrels are carrying on like it's late September!
  12. So thankful for a sunny weekend - managed to build most of the polytunnel. Strange observation I know...but there's an oak tree on our allotments and the acorns this year are ridiculously big, they are not even fitting in their little cups and there's so many of them. I don't know if it's a mast year but it's caught the attention of other people too! As it's my first growing season, all eyes on first frost as that's when parsnips etc can be eaten. wonder when the first frost will be (January knowing my luck!!) Sadly, all my pumpkins never stood a chance, back in May I planted them out just before a two day deluge and virtually all the stems split. The two that survived were weak plants that got finished off by powdery mildrew. So no Halloween pumpkins for me! I have always watched the weather closely - but now your hard work depends on it! Recently, I was reminded of when it snowed in October here in High Wycombe in 2008, massive snowflakes that took everyone by surprise and trapped people in shops. I can't remember if that was a localised thing or did it snow throughout the region? Meteorological autumn in a few days - yesss!!!!
  13. Just had to put the lights on!!! It's so humid, dank and dark. This is an awful spell of weather. Chillis aren't ripening either. Where's the sun?
  14. Autumn thoughts

    Yes - on 28th October, I got stuck in High Wycombe for hour and there was only about 4cms of snow!