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  1. Thunder woke me up just after 2am and there was another loud rumble half am hour later. My partner says as it didn't wake him up, it was probably a dream...righto!!! It's horribly muggy out there, dull and just horrible. It's bank holiday and it's so oppressive that I can'y be arsed to even go for a walk!
  2. Very windy, cloudy, a bit humid...bleugh. And I have storm envy too...especially when ones family is Whatsapping your from the north with stormungus stuff every 5 minutes.
  3. Woohoo! First thunder in ages! Ten minutes rain shower...rain stopped, thought that was it - and then thunder!!
  4. Oh that rain was's been so long since I've seen a raindrop in a puddle! My allotment is going to love it!! Can see a giant sky cauliflower to my ssw. Mmmm...cheese sauce.
  5. Not had a chance to go upstairs or outside but by 'eck it feels clammy indoors. The air had that kind of hazy/steamy tint to it at 6am. Finger's crossed, eh? What is different this year is we have an allotment on top of a hill from which you can seemasses of sky and 20 miles of land towards Bracknell/Bagshot. Now just got to figure out a safe viewpoint.
  6. Meto Twitter: Thundery showers in southeast England bring the risk of downpours and hail for this evening's rush hour, but they'll fade away after dark. Ooh!
  7. Well the skies at the allotment this evening have been a delight! Light rain now but nowhere near enough. Can't explain those lines in the raincloud over the houses, not very clear on camera but beautiful.
  8. I'm loving today - so nice to see clouds rather than sun or murk. View from stairwell just now. I've left my chilli seedlings on the car bonnet - they are going to roast as that sun is hot!!
  9. Yeah, it was so crumbly that I had to eat it over the kitchen sink. Mixed feelings about the next few days with regards to my allotment - yay for for cold temps as I've a lot of seedlings in a rickety cold frame and my plot is on top of a very chilly hill.
  10. Every day seems to be better than the forecast at the moment. Must admit though, this lack of rain is already an issue. There seems to have been so little rain that the rainwater butt at my allotment is already empty. If there is hosepipe ban, I guess our water supply will be switched off (hopefully limited to watering cans only). On to other things,this is happening opposite our flat. The swan is only 3 years old (I watched her hatch!) so it's only 50/50 if she is sat on eggs or just practicing. But it will be interesting to watch and wait and see!
  11. Drip, drip, drop BIG April la la la la la la la la. No thunder, just heavy rain with hail mixed in. Lovely!! Never seen the allotment vacated so fast, I did see some interesting cloud activity beforehand, though so I packed up just in case.
  12. Windy!! Opened a packet of salsify seeds..and the wind kindly planted them in the allotment next door! It's mild - but the wind made it feel colder.
  13. Beautiful blue skies here, after an early family pick up at airport, I had the rest of the day on the allotment and it was more like early summer - 17.c!
  14. It might surprise us yet!...possibly!! My tatties are chitting (that seems to be going ok) and I've sown leeks indoors, did manage to get some garlic in in late autumn, my boyfriend's dad gave me a champagne rhubarb crown that he's halved, I bought Autumn raspberries - that's it so far. I went to a garden centre in November and they were selling off packets of seeds for 50p and I went a bit crazy and bought everything . So I'm growing courgettes, 'cinderella' pumpkins, 'sunshine' squash, sweetcorn, 5 types of chilli, radishes, parsnips, spring onion, runner beans, 10 different herbs and sweet peas. For pure novelty value (not expecting anything!) I've got hops growing, giant pumpkin seeds and loofah seeds. The latter needs a greenhouse really - but unfortunately we aren't allowed closed structures of any sort or indeed glass. There's much talk on this forum of melons!! I've love to grow some - but given my very unsheltered position with no greenhouse, I don't know if I'd just be wasting space. And now I'm wondering if this cold spell mid month will happen an what that means for my 'lotty'. What are you (and another forum members!) growing this year - anything new or unusual?
  15. Gentle roar of trees in the wind out there now...rather pleasant. I too an disappointed in the 'front loaded' winter that never arrived, although the fog and frosts were very atmospheric. I don't want a cold spell mid March as there is loads to do on the allotment! Oh well, the weather doesn't care what we want!!