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  1. Hi Guy's. I know this is the wrong thread. Not sure which thread to post this in. So please move where appropriate. Is there any correlation between either a Cold (WEST USA Winter forecast) or Cold (EAST USA Winter forecast) and any effects on North West Europe. Reason the question. I noticed Weatherbell have forecasted a Cold western side of a America and a above average eastern side. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. Hi. What's your thoughts on the upcoming winter regarding the QBO?
  3. Does anyone know which day JAMSTEC updates its seasonal model?
  4. JAMSTEC_Surf Air Temp Anomaly. El Nino Modoki state observed
  5. But we are now moving back to colder phase. It will be interesting in another 20/30 years of satellite data. Once we have been through both warm and cold cycles.
  6. Latest Met Office. Not offering to much for kent Showers fragmenting. #Gutted
  7. ??Your not the only one to get blocked Blue?
  8. Joe Bastardi (Saturday Summary) a must watch. Implications for UK and Europe
  9. What's your thoughts on Maidstone Steve. We did pretty well a couple of weeks ago. Cheers!!
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