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  1. Joe Bastardi (Saturday Summary) a must watch. Implications for UK and Europe
  2. Check out GP comments in the stratosphere thread
  3. What's your thoughts on Maidstone Steve. We did pretty well a couple of weeks ago. Cheers!!
  4. Steve: What's your thoughts on the low coming up from the south. Will that effect Kent in any way. Cheers.
  5. Hi. Can anybody tell what effects a El Nino Modoki Winter have for the United Kingdom/ Western Europe?? And when was the last time we had such conditions?? Thanks
  6. Hi, Can you give me your thoughts, what effects a El Nino Modoki Winter would be for the United Kingdom. Thanks
  7. Due South

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Can someone point me in the direction; What effects would a El Nino Modoki Winter mean for the UK?? Thanks
  8. Check out Big Joe B. Daily update on Weatherbell. Joe talking about what the models are showing for Europe/UK
  9. Can we have this stored, and brought out each autumn. Great post, and would make it a little easier for those like myself, who don't have the knowledge of you guy's.