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  1. Check out Big Joe B. Daily update on Weatherbell. Joe talking about what the models are showing for Europe/UK
  2. Can we have this stored, and brought out each autumn. Great post, and would make it a little easier for those like myself, who don't have the knowledge of you guy's.
  3. Can anyone explain the effects of a negative WPO. And what effects it will have on our side of the pond
  4. Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    Great article by Joe B. patriotpost.us/opinion/45666 Well worth a read

    @carinthianThank you for your help. Much appreciated

    @carinthian You have sold it to me. Looking to bring my 2 kids during Feb half term. What's it like during Feb. Wanted to bring them for the Easter break. But can't get the time off work.
  7. Check out Big Joe B Twitter feed. First time he has spoken about the up coming weather for the UK this winter.
  8. Check out where the MJO is going #PartyTimeFolks
  9. Interesting to listen to Big Joe B on WeatherBell's Saturday Summary. Those who are saying this winter is like 97/8. Is so far off the mark. The set up is totally different. Well worth a listen. He's expecting the warmth on the East Side of the States to flip to Cold. But not for another 20 odd days.
  10. Winter 2015/16.

    Are we able to get Jamstec offer of winter for Europe?. I see Big Joe has posted Jamstec forecast on the States