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  1. or a reference to the france v wales game... and it hammered with rain for the whole game
  2. teflon coated, carbon fibre reinforced snow shield - 100% untroubled by the english winter Motspur Park
  3. Any more tantrums over something beyond your control ? Get them out Chuck those toys, go for it
  4. she's at Okehampton, about 1993 i drove there and experienced my first and last thundersnow event
  5. there's a lady on the telly news in a high viz, my day is complete
  6. + now snowing really cold and a bit windy (technical hitch with the apparatus)
  7. + pack of cheese and onion tesco crisps (multipack, you can see where this is going) + much thicker wooly hoodie I am ready bring it
  8. sitrep no snow glass of average red wine excited motspur park, sw london
  9. well thats just bragging mister I'll be in Falmer tomorrow until the snow hits then I'm off home by car
  10. Any idea on timing? Are we thinking it'll kick of on the south coast say Brighton say 5pm?
  11. OMG how did you know about them? i would recommend just going out and doing some shovelling
  12. This is getting silly ! H&S has visited the metoffice, or is it really going to be that bad.
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