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  1. Under the weather

    1. CanadianCoops


      I just changed my name to weather ;-)

    2. fluid dynamic

      fluid dynamic

      not "the weather" hehe

  2. Happy Christmas and healthy, prosperous New Year to you all !

  3. On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, an Exactaweather Winter Forcecast

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    2. fluid dynamic

      fluid dynamic

      snowmaggeddon from November till April, a rubbish present :)

    3. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      I assume you broke up.

    4. fluid dynamic

      fluid dynamic

      we are working on that, yes.

  4. stocking up with essentials. Chocolate, wine, beer, bacon, eggs. 5 a day.

  5. another front due on Friday. Snow please, not rain :)

  6. with a reload due Sunday, looks like I'll be balls deep

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