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  1. Ps i forgot i bought a snow shovel too, in advance of That Failed festering Easterly.... lesson learned
  2. there could be a dozen suicides if it does come off ! Will leave the snow tyres alone and walk away
  3. Have spotted my car winter tyres down the end of the garden. Will putting them on activate the SE snowshield? maybe i shouldn't have mentioned it
  4. Sure is a lot of impatience and tossing toys about when a set of simulation results don't show what some people want the weather to be. A lack of emotional maturity on several levels, compounded by a lack of fluid dynamics understanding- not great for interpretation of simulations. I had better spend my time doing something useful !
  5. Over in the model 'discussion' thread the rollercoaster has begun again, up down, round and round, getting chilly, oh no its not, oh yes it is.... . Quite funny for the first 10 minutes of reading, then just blimmin dumbassed bickering. Chilly outside, no snow
  6. Hello again South Easterners, back for a bit of a winter frolic now that there's a vague sniff of interesting, cold weather! I've been lurking around the other threads, nothing new there... same issues as always...
  7. Still got some dusty snow blowing around here in Motspur Park Or should that be 'snusty blows' or could that be the name of an actress?
  8. Completely agree, what an excellent post. People out there blaming the authorities about getting stuck in ice and snow need to take a good look at themselves - Winter tyres really work. I got a set too and can drive around on snowy roads, ungritted, as does the rest of the world that gets snow.
  9. will i think the rara is showing precip out east of the thames estuary, possibly the start of a streamer. The main blob has just edged into Exeter , right onto the Met office !
  10. i havent thrown in the towel. You may be amazed that i was so stupid to venture out in two cms of drifting snow, but I have safely returned from Tescos.
  11. im going to find out today just how great daytime tv is
  12. Quite, I have a lot of family members there and they will be shocked, so I hope they get ready
  13. been out and defrosted my main water pipe (building work has left it exposed). That was fun... Not. Light snow motspur park