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  1. Yes it looks to me that frame by frame on the radar its all edging wsw and perhaps expanding
  2. Cant helping when i look outside in the morning it'll be the same old scene... Enough!
  3. I hope you think yourself lucky. I never had snow on my birthday. Not even in a club in Croydon. And my birthday's in July.
  4. For sale. Sledge. One careful owner... you know you want one so here she is.... spares or repair 🤣 £50. Collect only.
  5. Party hats are on everywhere ☃️☃️☃️☃️🥂🥂🥂 But who remembers "that failed easterly?" I'm optimistic about this one, despite breaking two kids sledges a couple of weeks ago, i bet we wont get new ones in time... If this forecast goes bust we're looking at a lot of self harming 🙈
  6. We had another snow shower here in motspur park but its now stopped again. Should we prevent further snowfall by ordering another sledge? As you can see, one of Amazon.co.uk's examples has suffered and is now a write-off. "Blue lightning", as she was known, suffered an impact episode at about 1.30pm while Dad (me) approached the end of the Newlands Corner run, getting a bit too much air. RIP. No other parties were involved. No accident compensation solicitors required thanks!!
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