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  1. any feedback please regarding this course? Just signed up for this course starting on the 10th October 2016. Many thanks in advance..
  2. following the excitement/ dread of the earlier posts regarding forthcoming cold weather ( I was about to get my passport), Gibby again puts it all in perspective!
  3. As a student to this fine science, that has got to be one of the most informative post I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes over ( and I have feasted them over many other informative posts)Thank you!
  4. hi York weather, Just noticed this while browsing through weather station forum. Probably a tad late with this reply. I work at the racecourse in York and we have weather records dating back since 1927. if you require any details do not hesitate and send me a message. Cheers.
  5. one of the more sensible posts that i have come across of late! my humble opinion is that when things are to busy at work to go through all the posts, i go to Gibbys for a quick analysis.
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