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  1. Was forecast to be early hours , This is much later than forecast.
  2. Mmm , wasn’t this rain supposed to be cleared by now , looks like a delayed start to the Cricket is quite possible .
  3. Hi all , I have a question I’m flying to Turkey near Antalya soon, I’m not confident on the apps that there are , is there a decent site that I can visit that can give me 1 , an accurate recording of previous day and 2. A decent forecast , I feel the temperature might be being underplayed . Thanks Mark
  4. Well , England in a spot of trouble , will we attack . So many chances for both sides Today on what has been quite a days cricket so far .
  5. Great watch the Cricket this afternoon, I really enjoyed Archers spell , Root is going through quite a dip in form as suggested above perhaps someone else to captain would help but he probably needs more time .
  6. I’m Gobsmacked at the Dry Posts , now I’m not saying it’s not true but here it hasn’t stopped peeing down recently , I can hardly mow the lawn because it’s so waterlogged , what a difference a few miles make eh , personally I want Plume 3
  7. I too also grew up watching them in the shed , Knees up mother brown etc . Positive for this season despite the loss yesterday. Bit of rain now looks like the storm is literally skirting here .
  8. Hi Jimmy , It certainly is , I used to love going in the Shed End when I was younger , it’s just not the same anymore , I seemed to enjoy it more back then even if we won less . Still no rain for now it’s staying away .
  9. Rain today’s showing the rain to the north of London coming in from one direction and to the south the showers coming from the complete opposite direction .
  10. Wait Until the official Northolt reading comes in later
  11. Big development here can it keep growing ?. It wasn’t there 3 frames before
  12. It will nice for some , I can’t say I’d enjoy it regularly if we are looking at more blocked situations I’d take the winter variety although it won’t work out that way .
  13. If it was snow we were talking about I’d be incredibly peed off , it ain’t so oh well . saw some lightning action Earlier , sky looks a little menacing but could be nightfall setting in .
  14. The Gusts here must be because of the storm activity further east , I actually think I can see some convection from here , but it’s quite far in the distance.
  15. Sitting in the garden , no cloud but all of the sudden some really gusty warm winds out of nowhere
  16. Yep hardly a cloud again , Lovely Jubbly he says conveniently by a pool .
  17. Sitting in the garden watching the storms brew and looking at rain today , it looks to be expanding at quite a rate . Dinner in the garden again how wonderful but the flying ants and wasps can do one please .
  18. The scary thing here is that is wasn’t supposed to be as hot today than yesterday ? Was it ? . Perhaps I missed something but I only saw maxes of 33 forecast .
  19. Another Lovely Day today , I wonder why these locations are on the map ? They’re not usually Hopefully we break the record but really happy it’s a one day thing at these levels .
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