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  1. Yep I agree . I've grown rather fond of it though over the years and post it now and then , it even got a scenario correct before others last year with a plume . The mighty Navgem shall have its day again .
  2. Like the ending to the Navgem this evening . Oh and I have badges . I see others have them too . All exciting stuff .
  3. Beautiful start to the day . Will be interesting to see if 30c is reached today .
  4. JMA at 144 hours . So GFS seems alone at this time frame thankfully this evening .
  5. Today's 6z Navgem at a similar time frame . I'd take it over this afternoons GFS which is horrible .
  6. Yep . Lots of hyperbole going on . Let's see what transpires eh . I remain optimistic. I have to be as I go on holiday in the last week in August .
  7. I am really encouraged this evening by the runs . Yes the Gfs and especially the Ukmo are not great . However we have ECM , JMA and yes Navgem ( not fully out yet ) showing positive signs . Also we have the Gem that shows the low the Ukmo has but quickly ushers in more promising conditions. I've just read Tamara's excellent post and I have reasons to be cheerful . Here is is the gem in transition to more settled conditions on tonight's run .
  8. My favourite the Navgem is also tricking out at the moment but just checking it's earlier run it sure ended well . I hope it ends similar very soon . Had to get this chart in following last nights too .
  9. Just seen that and rushed to the thread to post it . What can go wrong .
  10. Hmm Ukmo looks ok for the south. to my untrained eye anyway .
  11. Looked to the Navgem this evening to see if I could find any comfort . Suffice to say I didn't find it .
  12. sorry charts are jumbled unfortunately and I can't get them to align .
  13. Sure , that's what I am alluding too , it always has until mid summer last year . But now so far isn't blowing temps up . Until the 00run probably .
  14. Wahey , Hot spell extended on the Navgem like others too . @Man Without Beard those temp charts certainly seemed to come in line now ? .
  15. Well my friends we are now enjoying the start of the best summer spell of the year . I also have a treat in store . Yes you have guessed it , or maybe not ! The mighty mighty Navgem is back on meteociel ( I've only just noticed anyway ) and it looks lovely for the next week with the warmest air not moving away until Saturday and of course that's a long way off and could change . Here it is in all its glory . Enjoy the upcoming spell . Regards Mark
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